5 Effective Advertising Strategies to Grow Your Home Remodeling Business

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If you own a home remodeling company, impactful advertising is essential to consistently generate new leads and drive business growth in a competitive market. However, with many options to choose from, determining where to focus your limited time and marketing budget can be challenging.

In this guide, we’ll explore five proven advertising strategies tailored specifically for home remodelers like you. Implementing a targeted combination of these methods can significantly amplify your visibility, reach more potential customers, and boost conversions.

Leverage Pay-Per-Click Ads

Running highly targeted pay-per-click (PPC) ads provides an effective approach for home remodelers to connect with local homeowners searching online for remodeling services. This involves:

  • Conducting detailed keyword research to identify the specific terms and phrases homeowners in your city and surrounding suburbs are using when searching for remodeling services, such as “kitchen remodels in San Diego” or “bathroom renovation companies in Mission Valley.”
  • Looking at search volume data to determine the most popular and high-intent keywords you should be targeting. Focus on terms aligned with your core services.
  • Creating dedicated Google Ads campaigns optimized for maximum visibility in the geography you service. Structure your ads to appear prominently at the top of the first page of search results for your chosen remodel-related terms.
  • Customizing your ads with compelling localized headlines, text, and extensions that make it clear you provide remodeling in the exact city or neighborhood the prospect is searching for.
  • Driving highly targeted, ready-to-buy traffic directly to your website by using negative keywords and settings to only display your ads to users searching for services in your specific area.
  • Paying only when nearby prospects actively click your ad. This allows you to control costs and maximize ROI on your PPC spending.
  • Adding conversion tracking to your website to see which landing pages, keywords, and campaigns are generating the most contacts, calls, and leads. Use this data to double down on what’s most effective.
  • Continuously optimizing your keywords, ad copy, landing pages, and campaign targeting based on performance data to improve your conversions over time.

The main benefit of PPC ads is reaching homeowners right when they are proactively searching for remodeling services. Appearing prominently in results and driving them to your site can convert lookers into buyers.

L7 Advertising PPC Campaigns
L7 Advertising utilized PPC campaigns to maximize search engine results for TNT Design & Build.

Amplify Your Presence through Social Media Ads

In addition to search ads, turning your best-performing social media posts into paid ads can expand your reach.

  • Identify your top organic posts that engage followers—for instance, content featuring before-and-after photos of completed projects or demonstrating your expertise.
  • Turn those posts into locally targeted paid ads. For example, promote to only users within a 5-10 mile radius of the neighborhoods you service.
  • Experiment with different ad iterations, offers like free design consultations, and demographic targeting to see what messaging converts best.
  • Continuously gather data on the results of your social ads and refine them over time.

Social platforms like Facebook and Instagram provide powerful ways to get your brand and offers directly in front of nearby homeowners through paid boosting.

Three Brothers Construction Facebook Ad

Evaluate Results and Optimize

To maximize the impact of your advertising efforts:

  • Track key metrics across all campaigns, including impressions, clicks, costs, and conversions. Determine which platforms are most cost-efficient.
  • Use UTMs to tag campaign URLs in order to identify where leads originated from. Know what is working.
  • Regularly test new ad variations—for instance, headlines, visuals, or offers—to improve performance.
  • Allocate your ad spend towards top-performing channels while culling less effective campaigns.

Continually measuring analytics and making data-driven optimizations allows you to refine the ROI of your advertising approach.

Retarget Website Visitors

Installing tracking pixels on your website allows you to create customized retargeting ad campaigns. You can then:

  • Serve targeted display ads following previous visitors of your site around the web. This reminds them of your brand after leaving your website.
  • Create different retargeting ads focused on your popular remodeling services to attract their interest.
  • Make ads highly relevant to what the retargeted visitor previously viewed on your site using custom audience creation.
  • Track conversions to see which visitors turn into leads based on your ads and offers.

Retargeting helps you re-engage the visitors who have already shown an interest in your services, nurturing them into sales.

Retargeting ads helped Colin Bryan Construction convert website visitors into leads

Sponsor Local Community Events

While digital ads should form the core, sponsoring events like home shows, trade expos, and seminars provides a way to meet potential customers face-to-face. Look for events related to home remodeling or improvement happening in your metro area. Be selective in choosing quality venues and audiences.

  • Purchase booth space and set up prominent branded displays showcasing before/after photos, offer handouts, and capture visitor information for future marketing.
  • Follow up promptly with all event leads to try and convert them while their memory of meeting you and interest is fresh.

Though sponsorships require an investment, the in-person connections made at the right events can provide an ongoing return through community visibility and high-quality leads.

Focus on Conversions with L7 Advertising

Here at L7 Advertising, helping home remodelers cut through the noise to grow their business is our passion. We specialize in implementing high-impact advertising strategies tailored specifically to deliver more leads and sales.

Our data-driven services include:

  • Auditing your current advertising efforts and making strategic recommendations
  • Set up and management of profitable paid advertising campaigns
  • Website integration for conversion tracking and retargeting
  • Creating compelling ads and landing pages that convert
  • Tracking, analyzing, and refining your campaigns to maximize ROI

Ready to turn your advertising into a lead-generation machine? Let’s discuss your goals in a free strategy session. Contact L7 Advertising today to explore partnering for better results!

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