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Social media advertising blends artistry and scientific precision. At L7 Advertising, we infuse our AI process to amplify the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts. Our AI-powered approach combines captivating content creation with real-time optimization to ensure maximum mindshare for your brand on the most relevant platforms. By leveraging AI algorithms, we identify optimal publishing times and strategic placement to drive exceptional engagement and measurable results. Experience the fusion of creativity and AI-driven precision at L7 Advertising, and unlock the full potential of your social media advertising strategy.

Social Media Advertising Services

Paid Social Advertising Includes

Campaign Management, Strategy & Maintenance

Data Analysis & Tracking

Personalized Reporting Dashboard

Ad Strategy, messaging, and design

Copywriting and assets for New Campaigns

Bid & Budget Optimizations

Audience Targeting

Ad Optimizations, Monitoring & A/B Testing

Why advertise on Facebook?

Facebook is the most popular social media network in the world, with an astounding 2.7 billion monthly users. Our experience has shown that businesses get greater ROI with Facebook Ads than other options and can reach people who’ve never heard of their company. Facebook advertising also provides hard data companies use to inform subsequent decisions about social media marketing budgets and strategies.

Facebook Advertising Services
Instagram Advertising Services

What does Instagram have to offer?

Instagram is a favorite platform for small businesses due to its ease of use. Marketing “creatives” love it because the platform is 100% dedicated to image sharing. Company Instagram feeds are typically filled with branded imagery of product packaging, company swag and employee activities. Marketing teams also enjoy the fact that Instagram is owned by Facebook, enabling users to access both platforms with a single account.

Is LinkedIn a good choice?

LinkedIn has 260 million monthly users—many of whom are affluent business people with more disposable income than users of other social media platforms. Plus, LinkedIn is the #1 social media network for B2B lead generation. L7 Advertising leverages that reach through direct messaging, post boosting and display ads. That includes delivering personalized ads to inboxes, integrating contacts, segmenting prospects and retargeting leads.

LinkedIn Services
Pinterest Advertising

How can Pinterest generate interest?

454 million… that’s the estimated number of monthly active Pinterest users worldwide. Whether you’re looking to actively market your brand or just create more awareness, this platform is one you should consider. Our team uses Pinterest to generate website traffic for—and expand the reach of—L7 Advertising clients.

Let’s get social.

At L7 Advertising, we’ve got a long track record of turning small businesses into big businesses and making life a little easier for business owners. We can do the same for you.

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