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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has long been an essential marketing practice. But too often, agencies treat SEO as a separate activity. At L7 Advertising, we integrate SEO strategies with website development, content management and paid media. We optimize your website and content with keywords carefully chosen to increase your brand’s visibility with Google and other search engines. We also stay on top of Google’s search algorithm and your analytics, tweaking your strategy as needed to keep you ahead of the curve.

SEO Expertise

Technical SEO Includes:

Implementation of status codes, sitemaps, informational architecture, robots.txt to ensure search engines are able to crawl content successfully

Set up of Webmaster tools to facilitate website indexing and track PageRank

Ensure proper rendering of JavaScript, the DOM, content latency and page speed

Production of accessible content that’s easy for search engines to translate, utilizing and HTML

Increased content ranking through canonical tags for proper pagination

Establishing content relevance and authority by streamlined UX, and mobile-first design and development

SEO Content Strategy Includes:

Extensive keyword planning and research

Create keyword-rich copy that is specific to your unique brand

Consistent publishing of fresh, relevant content to show site is active and call for an ongoing indexing of pages

Improve the performance of ad campaigns and PPC strategies

Build brand assets with meta-links that enhance visibility throughout search engines

Improve the opportunity for cross-promotion of branded assets throughout digital platforms

The awesome power of SEO

Ranking high in Google searches has a profoundly positive effect on a business, both in inbound leads and all-around credibility. Studies show that top-ranking websites get 33% of the available business in a given market segment.

If you don’t have and execute a strategic SEO plan for your website, it’s virtually impossible to achieve or maintain a high rank in search results. And because search algorithms are constantly evolving, attentive SEO management is a must for any company serious about staying competitive.

SEO Services
SEO Services

Our phased
approach to SEO

We address SEO in two phases: on-page technical work and off-page content management. First, our team performs a complete audit of your current website and conducts keyword research, including assessing the websites of your competitors to determine how you can outrank them. Then, we craft an SEO management plan for your website that includes website enhancements, blog posts, guest posts, backlinking and refreshes for your existing content.

Let’s get you seen on search

At L7 Advertising, we’ve got a long track record of making small businesses more successful and life a little easier for business owners. We can do the same for you.

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