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When it comes to digital marketing services, the integration of AI into our process ensures maximum ROI of our PPC campaigns. At L7 Advertising, we harness the power of AI to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns, whether on Google, Meta or Microsoft. Our AI-driven keyword and demographic analysis enables you to reach highly-targeted customer segments at precise times of engagement. By leveraging AI algorithms, we optimize your PPC ads to ensure they are strategically placed, delivering impactful results and connecting your business with the right audience at the right time. Experience the transformative potential of AI-powered PPC campaigns with L7 Advertising.

Expert Pay Per Click Services

Our AI Process Includes:

Competitor Analysis

Keyword Strategy

Google Analytics Integrations

Campaign Management

Audience Targeting

Bid & Budget Optimization

Ad Creation & Submission

Ad Monitoring and optimizations

A/B testing

Conversion Tracking

Generate quality leads with Google ads

L7 Advertising is a proud Google Partner. Research shows that over 90% of all online searches are conducted through the Google search engine. These figures result in a whopping 3.5 billion Google searches conducted worldwide each day. You simply can’t beat the level of exposure you get from advertising with Google. Whether you are using Google Ads, Google Display, Google Remarketing, or Google Shopping ads, your company will be seen by more potential customers.

Google Ads Services
YouTube Ad Services

Market your business to new audiences with YouTube ads

YouTube Ads is a highly-effective PPC platform that gets 30 million visitors every day. YouTube is a global force that will remain highly influential on the internet. If you are interested in marketing through YouTube, L7 Advertising has you covered. We will design and manage your YouTube Ads campaign for maximum ROI.

Extend your reach with Microsoft ads

L7 Advertising is part of the Microsoft Partner Network. Microsoft Ads (formerly Bing) can be a great alternative, or complement, to your Google Ads campaign. Combine Microsoft Ads with your current PPC campaign to ensure maximum exposure across major digital media channels.

Microsoft Ad Services
AdRoll Retargeting

Maximize conversions with AI-driven remarketing

With L7 Advertising's AI-driven remarketing software, you can get sophisticated audience targeting, cross-channel engagement, and advanced measurement. We can place your ads in front of a specific consumer audience who have already visited your website. This resource reminds your previous visitors that you’re still around, increasing your brand exposure across the various channels they’ll go to.

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