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optimize prospect engagement through marketing automation

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Automating your marketing processes is a great way to make your interactions with prospects and customers more efficient and more profitable. But marketing automation technology is continually evolving, so you need to work with an agency that can ensure you’re always getting maximum benefit from your system. At L7 Advertising, we help small businesses implement, optimize and maintain marketing automation solutions that give them a competitive edge.

marketing automation expertise

crm software


sharpspring crm set up includes

user account creation

DKIM set up in DNS records

website tracking setup

form integration and set up (up to 3)*

email template creation and design*

contact import (1 list) or migration assistance

list segmentation and set up*

Pipeline customization*

Workflow set up for automated emails*

Social media account syncing*

*May require additional fees

email & text


email & text set up includes

1 SMS text message followup

1 HTML email followup

Email & text copywriting

Workflow implementation

Lead form integration

1 SMS compatible tracking phone number

Email alerts with call & text summaries

landing pages


landing page set up includes

Landing page design & development

Domain/url set up in DNS records

landing page copywriting

Lead form & integration with CRM

Call tracking phone number

SSL Security

Landing Page Hosting

Google Analytics Integration

why use sharpspring
crm software?

SharpSpring is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that’s perfect for small businesses. Many L7 Advertising customers use it in tandem with their marketing automation solution to produce a lead-generation ecosystem that delivers a steady stream of inbound inquiries that are easily tracked and managed. From there, a company’s sales team can convert promising leads to loyal customers. We also help clients implement other CRM platforms like HubSpot, Zoho, Salesforce and others.

Email Marketing Services
SMS Texting Services

use timely email & text follow ups to convert more leads

Building brand awareness and conducting effective outreach are important. But following up with prospects is just as crucial. Whether by email or text, these messages keep your company top-of-mind by contacting leads at the perfect point in the sales funnel. And personalized messaging and images are often the final nudge a prospect needs to move ahead with a purchase. We help you develop and implement your follow-up processes. 

customize your
landing pages

L7 Advertising specializes in creating dynamic landing pages to support business goals. When a prospect in a particular market segment arrives at a page that “speaks to” their needs, they’re much more likely to engage with your content and ultimately become a customer. Plus, customized landing pages can capture data for use in future marketing campaigns. 

Landing Page Design

enjoy maximum prospect engagement

At L7 Advertising, we’ve got a long track record of making small businesses more successful and life a little easier for business owners. We can do the same for you.

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