5 Marketing Automation Services That Will Benefit Small Businesses

Small business owner marketing automation services

Marketing is key to the survival of your business. However, as a small business, you work with limited budgets, teams, and tools. Therefore, finding the best software and services that provide big benefits is important as you continue to grow your brand. Marketing automation services can help you achieve your goals quickly.

Marketing automation is the process of using tools and technology to automate different marketing tasks that are often repetitive or time-consuming. You’ll accomplish more in less time and have more of your own schedule back for higher-level tasks like strategy and growth planning. Marketing automation services are the specific tools that help you reach your marketing goals. 

Small businesses can benefit from marketing automation services as they help you manage your workload and have opportunities to offload different tasks. These tools not only provide peace of mind, but help you capture more data, find patterns in your audience behaviors, and keep you organized and on track for your marketing goals. Let’s take a look at five different marketing automation services that can help your small business. 

1. Landing Pages and Forms

A landing page is the page that your leads reroute to after clicking on a link from a social post, paid search ad, or other source. Once on a landing page, a lead is directed to fill out a contact form. However, the information on the landing page should be compelling enough to give their personal information. Design and copywriting are crucial to a landing page’s success. Appealing to a customer’s rationality is the key to conversions. Keep the message short and sweet, otherwise they’ll bounce away from the page and you could lose that lead entirely. 

Marketing automation services can help you with your landing pages and forms. Different tools will allow you to create and save templates so that your campaigns aren’t slowed down while you wait for a page to be built. You can also save your forms so you can have the fields you need ready whenever you need them. All of this helps you create your landing pages quickly and efficiently, without slowdown for design and development. 

2. CRM Integration

Your CRM is the heart of your marketing and sales operations. No matter which tool you currently use, a well-run CRM has up-to-date information and analytics that help you manage every aspect of your customer interactions. CRMs have many different built-in tools, such as content marketing blogs, SEO analytics, email capabilities, or social media connections. The next level to elevate these advertising strategies are odds are using other applications in conjunction with your CRM system. 

Marketing automation services can provide CRM integrations that help you connect your third-party software and services to your core CRM platform. That helps you keep your data organized and in a single location. It also helps you quickly bring in new applications as needed without the need for extensive coding or custom integrations. When your small business can focus on finding the best solutions and bringing them into your system, you can have better and faster success. 

3. Segmented Emails

Sending out emails is a key part of a digital marketing program. Not only is email marketing low cost, but it can bring about great results for you and your business if done correctly. In order to ensure that you are doing email marketing the right way, you need to have clearly segmented groups that receive different types of emails. Consider your long-time customers. While they might want information on new products or upcoming sales, they don’t need to be sold on the value of your business the way a new lead does. 

Segmenting your contacts into different email groups can be a time-consuming task. Thankfully, with the help of marketing automation services, you can organize your contacts in bulk and create filtered lists and automation sequences. It continuously sorts through new contacts without you having to manually group the contacts. This saves a large amount of time and takes tedious work off the plate of your small business team. 

4. Advertising Retargeting

Is there anything worse than losing leads that have shown some interest in your business but didn’t complete a conversion? It can feel like wasted effort and leave you feeling uncertain of how to regain the interest of your bounced leads. Thankfully, advertising retargeting helps you get back in front of those same contacts. Advertising retargeting uses data from your bounced website visitors to re-expose your digital advertisements on their screens. This strategy keeps you top-of-mind while users are browsing.

Marketing automation services like AdRoll can help you re-capture bounced users. The software will find the audiences that left without converting and automatically place your advertisements back on their radar. This helps you avoid spending your advertising budget on brand new audiences. Instead, you’ll focus on groups that are already aware of and have shown interest in your brand. 

5. SMS Text Messaging

While email marketing is a tried and true form of direct communication with your audiences, it’s not always the best option. Sometimes people go for long periods of time before checking an email, or you can accidentally end up in a spam box. And too many emails can have your audiences unsubscribing. To get your messages directly in front of individual contacts at a moment’s notice, you need a better way of getting their attention. 

SMS messaging marketing allows you to send text messages directly to your audience members. These can include links and relevant information that deserves immediate attention, like an appointment reminder, flash sale, or limited-time offer. And, with the help of marketing automation services, you can automate these messages so you don’t have to send them out yourself. This helps you save time and get your messages directly in front of your audiences at the exact moment they need them. 

Building Small Businesses for the Future

Marketing automation helps ensure that you meet your business marketing goals without wasting valuable time on time-consuming tasks. When you have more free time to focus on the things that matter in your small business, you will be able to achieve more success and increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. 

If you want to learn more about marketing automation services, we at L7 Advertising are here to help. We are experts in digital advertising and know how to help you strategize an ad strategy that pays off. Contact us to learn more about our marketing automation services and find the one best fit for your business.

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