Could You Use More Homeowner Leads For Your Service Business?

L7 Advertising Could Be The Lead Generation Source To Help Your Home Improvement Business Grow

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When it Comes to Marketing For Your Contracting Or Home Service Company, Let Us Handle the Heavy Lifting

There are few people in business today that have to hustle quite like contractors, as Angie and Craig can only get you so far with their lists. If you’ve been in the business for a while, you’ve likely honed the ability to network, put out mailers, and use other offline marketing tactics. However, your lack of digital marketing efforts are surely putting you at a disadvantage. And, yes, we did just call you “Shirley”. Hey, maybe she has a list, too.

From putting out work fires and getting supplies to staffing your team and answering phone calls, you likely have little or no time to dedicate to online marketing. 93 percent of online interactions start with a search engine and 47 percent of people click on the first three listings, so there is little room for error when it comes to losing out to the competition. Enter L7 Advertising. We use our proprietary Square Method to approach consumers in a way that will get them to take action. And that action will be to call you directly for your contracting, without waiting to get the lead from Craig’s List, Angie’s List or Home Advisor. 

Here is what our team of marketing experts can do to get you to the head of the line…

We’re Experts At Growing Contracting Businesses

We have every channel covered to help you reach your business goals. Talk to a digital marketing specialist to see which ones are right for your business.

Google Ads Service

Ensure your campaigns perform to the best of their ability to provide the best ROI.

Bing Ads Service

Drive more targeted leads to your site using search engine marketing (SEM).

Facebook Ads Service

Grow your presence on these two extremely relevant social media sites.

LinkedIn Ads

Leverage the influence of this social media site with highly targeted ads.

YouTube Ads

Enlist the popularity of video to create highly customizable ads.

Remarketing Service

Tailor a campaign that will target users who have already visited your site.

Marketing Automation

Improve Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) by automating your marketing efforts.

SEO Services

Boost your ranking so customers find your business when searching online.

We build full funnel lead gen ecosystems that produce a steady stream of contracting customers.

Pay Per Click

Reputation Management

As a contractor, you understand how much damage even one negative review can cause. Our digital marketing experts scour Yahoo!, Bing, Yelp, and other review sites to ensure your reputation is worthy of landing new clients, and we will make any necessary repairs along the way.

Social Media Marketing

Paid Search

Most companies are doing pay-per-click campaigns these days, as they are proven to be effective. However, the average Joe doesn’t know how to make the most of PPC, which is where we come in. Our staff of experts handles the bidding to get you the best ROI possible – all within your budget.

Reputation Management

Paid Social Media Advertising

You’ve likely been doing this on your own, but we make the most of targeting and best practices on each social media platform in order to reach your clients and get them to ultimately convert.


Campaign Optimization

You might be shocked to learn that 52 percent of online traffic in 2018 was through mobile phones. We take advantage of statistics like this and optimize your campaigns on each platform, ensuring success.

Luxury Bath San Diego
375% Increase in Facebook Form Fills
90% Decrease in Cost per Lead
397% Increase in Form Fills
Bathroom Remodeler
587% Increase in Leads
91% Decrease in Cost per Facebook Lead
37% Decrease in Cost per Google Leads
Bathroom Remodeler
400% Increase in Leads
67% Decrease in Cost per Facebook Lead
40% Decrease in Cost per Google Lead
Luxury Bath Pacific Coast
140% Increase in Facebook Leads
90% Decrease in Cost per Facebook Lead
100% Increase in Google Ads Leads
L7 Advertising’s proprietary Square Method allows us to give you a leg up on the competition. Our clients rave about our unique approach, attention to detail, ability to anticipate needs, and deliver concrete results.

Lists are great and all but we prefer action, and we know you do, too. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you grow your contracting business.