5 Ways to Boost LinkedIn Post Performance and Engagement

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If you market your services or products to other businesses, your company’s LinkedIn page is one of your most valuable assets whether your goals include lead generation, recruiting, improving brand awareness, or establishing thought leadership.

Many brands and individuals don’t leverage the opportunities on LinkedIn to their full benefit. They treat it like a resume or brochure and forget it is actually a networking platform. Digital marketing strategies for small businesses use social media like LinkedIn to encourage engagement, build brand awareness, and expand a professional network. So, what are the five ways to improve LinkedIn post performance and engagement?

1. Optimize Your Business Page

Optimize your LinkedIn business page for search just like you would your own website. SEO is just as important to your LinkedIn presence as your own website. Often brands treat their LinkedIn Company Page as a job ad or a static brochure.

Consider who your audience is and how you want to leverage your page. Make use of all relevant features and tailor the tone to fit your target audience. Some opportunities to consider include:

  • Your main company page
  • Product pages for each product your want to showcase
  • Showcase pages to highlight unique projects and qualities of your brand
  • LinkedIn Events – combines with live streaming you may offer B2B virtual events through LinkedIn and engage your network
  • Career page – for recruiting

Most likely your brand isn’t leveraging every opportunity through your business page. Once the page is optimized, publish regularly. Think beyond job ads unless your company is actively recruiting.

Whenever possible, encourage your employees, clients, and vendors to engage. According to LinkedIn’s own statistics, LinkedIn users are 60% more likely to engage with personal posts. Share your own company page posts and if appropriate encourage employees to do the same.

Your company page has analytics that may help you see how your posts are performing and areas where you may improve. Review your stats regularly and monitor trends over time.

2. Think Multi-Media

When publishing on either your LinkedIn personal profile or brand page, consider using a mix of different media. Although text-only posts can do well on LinkedIn in comparison with other social media platforms, quality images and video help you stand out in a feed.

Create and upload native videos, as videos can be a highly engaging way to show as well as tell your viewers about your brand. Consider commenting on trending topics in the field or offering practical insights. Livestreaming video is another engaging and fresh way to reach people on LinkedIn.

Helpful info graphics, engaging photographs, and podcasts are other media that can work well on LinkedIn.

External links can be effective, but try to avoid the common mistake brands make of simply link dropping. All social media platforms aim to keep users on their website, so they may serve linked-based content to fewer followers. Include content that doesn’t require users to leave LinkedIn.

3. Share Your Insights and Expertise

LinkedIn is a great platform to help establish thought leadership. Since the audience consists primarily of professionals, share insights, news, and actionable tips that may make your connections’ and your followers’ lives easier.

On your brand page showcase your team’s individual and combined expertise. Treat your LinkedIn business profile as more than a brochure. Here are some ideas:

  • Have key public-facing staff publish articles on LinkedIn, share those articles to your business page.
  • Share news and updates about team members’ promotions, media mentions, awards, and more. Consider a series of shout outs highlighting different team members.
  • Share any public-facing publications like white papers, blog posts, and opt-in offers.
  • Start conversations on trending and relevant topics in your field.

Also, consider networking and engaging with other users. Does a connection ask a question you or someone from your team can answer? Join the discussion. Think of it as a break-out session at a conference.

4. Write Engaging Copy

While social media is highly visual, engaging copy is still the bedrock for any successful post.

Content from your text content is always more likely to appear in user searches and sometimes people skip media like videos or watch them with the sound off. In this case, your copy still may raise brand awareness, establish credibility and build goodwill.

Highlight your company culture in addition to promoting your brands and services. Social media users grow tired of constant promotion and tend to skip over overtly self-promotional content. Share moments from your business life, your team, favorite projects, customers, and key insights.

Use a tone that suits your audience. Many brands use more formal language on LinkedIn than they would on Instagram or Tik Tok. However it is still a social media and networking channel, consider whether a “business casual” tone would work well.

Use hashtags appropriately, while hashtags are not as much part of the culture as they are on Twitter and Instagram, they still help enhance discoverability. Choose a few that are highly relevant to your industry and the topic of your post.

Whenever possible, try to initiate a discussion through your copy. If people respond or spend time reading responses, that engagement boosts your post’s performance.

5. Advertising on LinkedIn

If you want to reach more professionals in your field, consider brushing up on LinkedIn advertising strategies. LinkedIn advertising isn’t as saturated as other social platforms like Facebook. InMail advertising gives you the chance to directly connect with potential clients and collaborators.

LinkedIn Advertising opportunities include sponsored content, sponsored messaging, text ads, and dynamic ads. Depending on your goals, the right option can help with lead generation or building brand awareness.

Consider using LinkedIn’s Content Suggestion Tool for ideation both for your ads and organic content. LinkedIn advertising is sometimes an overlooked sponsored content and PPC option. However, overlooking it is a mistake if you are operating in a business-to-business environment. Few other social media platforms give you the same opportunity to reach decision-makers and start qualifying those leads.

Learn More About LinkedIn Advertising Strategies

LinkedIn offers opportunities that your competitors may be ignoring. With professional guidance, you can leverage your LinkedIn presence through on-platform SEO, engaging organic content, and strategic advertising. Contact us at L7 Advertising to learn more about how we can help you take your digital marketing strategy to the next level.

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