LinkedIn Creator Mode Benefits and Marketing Tips

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LinkedIn isn’t just for professionals and job seekers. It’s an excellent place for networking, building brand awareness and growing your business. But how can marketers take advantage of the platform?

This article will show you the benefits of the LinkedIn Creator Mode feature and how you can leverage the platform to boost your marketing efforts and customer connection.

What Are the Benefits of Using the LinkedIn Creator Mode for Marketers?

LinkedIn launched its Creator Mode In June 2020 during the economic shift caused by the pandemic. Since its launch, new features are consistently added— the more recent ones including live video and newsletters. If you’re a Marketing Director or CMO, here are the benefits you and your Linkedin advertising strategy stand to gain from enabling the feature:

Appear in Search and Discovery Results

Activating the LinkedIn Creator Mode makes your content eligible for appearing in Search and Discovery results for other members. In other words, you’ll be able to enjoy some organic discoverability outside of your existing LinkedIn network.

If you’re starting from scratch without followers or connections yet, then you must use this tool. This feature allows you to populate your content in front of the people interested in the topics you post.

Grow Your Following and Get a Targeted Audience

LinkedIn users tend to follow others after viewing their profiles. LinkedIn knows this. That’s why upon switching to Creator Mode, the call-to-action for users visiting your profile changes from Connect to Follow, allowing you to grow your audience quickly. Besides, connections are limited to 30,000, whereas you can have unlimited followers.

The feature also automatically displays the number of followers you have at the top of your profile. This can prove invaluable for growing your audience if you have an existing following. It bolsters your credibility among potential followers.

That’s not all, though.

Since the Creator Mode allows you to highlight the top five topics and hashtags that your content cuts across, profile visitors can quickly understand your niche. This acts like a filter that ensures that most people clicking on your follow button have similar interests.

Demonstrate Your Expertise

Creator Mode prioritizes content over work experience and education. Thus, Marketing Directors, CMOs and Marketing VPs can differentiate their brand from the competition and demonstrate industry expertise.

Once activated, the About section will be moved further down your profile page to make space for featured pinned content and a new activity section. That’s right. You get a revamped activity feed that will only display curated, branded content. Also, you can select posts you’ve shared with your audience from other creator. The bottom line: your content will make the first impression on new visitors.

Simply, Creator Mode allows you to focus your profile on your original content rather than distract visitors with your work experience. This is an excellent feature for marketers because you want people to enjoy your uploads and follow you as a result.

Take Advantage of Upcoming Creator-Only Analytic Tools

Perhaps, LinkedIn’s most significant weakness for content marketers is its poor built-in content analytics. You can see the number of views, comments, likes, shares and a breakdown of your top 10 viewers by role title, company and location. Also, the company page offers analytics like post impressions, unique visitors, followers and custom button clicks.

However, the platform is still pretty analytics-limited compared to other platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Imagine how much you could do with a dashboard that shows your top posts by views, engagement or link clicks. Alternatively, what if it can show a graph that analyzes and compares your posts’ engagement velocity within the first 72 hours of uploading? Even so, Creator Mode is worth learning and utilizing. Technology will continue to advance and we anticipate access to newly-released content analytic tools on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business

From increasing connections and partnerships to boosting your brand awareness and generating leads, here are some LinkedIn marketing tips to improve your organic reach as a marketer:

Post High-Quality Content

Content is crucial to marketing on any platform, and LinkedIn is no exception. Take advantage of the different post types — articles, images and videos — available on the platform to create content that is educational and engaging. Personal posts that perform well on LinkedIn tend to have a moral lesson about adversity. Alternatively, branded posts receive engagement utilizing videos.

As a bonus, if one of your posts gains momentum, LinkedIn will promote it under its industry categories. Here, it can accumulate tens of thousands of readers or more.

Grow Your Email Marketing List

Cultivating an email list is essential as we head towards a cookie-less future. We encourage marketers to use LinkedIn’s bulk messaging feature to grow your email list. Try sending a message to your connections thanking them for their interest in your company. Finally, you can include a landing page that encourages newsletter sign-ups to stay engaged with the brand.

Your message should be concise with a call to action at the end. Include a direct link for the email sign-up and direct them to join the list. Doing so can encourage higher conversions when you’re reaching out to your followers.

Ask Colleagues to Share Content

If your team members already have large audiences on LinkedIn, ask them to engage with articles, posts and videos from your company page. Actions as simple as liking or commenting will bring your content into the view of their followers and could do wonders for your reach. You could also ask colleagues to share the business’s updates with the Notify Employees link, which allows you to make such requests from colleagues connected to your company page without the need for endless emails or in-person requests.

On the other hand, if your colleagues are not active on LinkedIn, get as many of them as possible to create and complete their profiles. Ask them to include appropriate photos, professional connections and a relevant job history describing how they’ve helped the business.

Use Sponsored Updates

Sponsored updates or paid search ads allow brands to pay to push their posts on individuals’ LinkedIn feeds. It’s a pay-per-click feature that offers similar demographic options — location, gender and age — as, say, Google Ads and Bing Ads. However, it also enables you to customize based on job title, company name, schools, job function, skills and groups.

The feature used to be below par but is now comparable to the likes of Facebook and Instagram Ads. Now, you can leverage the Matched Audiences option to maximize your reach and fine-tune your LinkedIn ad targeting in multiple ways. For example, you could use contact targeting to reach out to individuals on your contact list or use a customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

Another option is Audience Expansion which allows you to connect with new people with similar preferences to your target customers. You could also experiment with concise ad copy or run A/B tests on LinkedIn — there are so many possibilities. If you currently do not have a Linkedin advertising strategy, you should consider adding it to your overall marketing plan to improve your reach.

Growing With LinkedIn Marketing

With the right strategy, LinkedIn quickly becomes a powerful engagement hub for marketing directors and entrepreneurs alike. So, take advantage of the tips we’ve provided above to understand how you can boost your LinkedIn marketing efforts.

That said, always remember that none of these tips will matter unless you’re reaching the right people. One way to do so is with sponsored updates, which can help you get your content before the people that want to see and interact with them. The best part is that you can use the feature even if you have a small follower base.

If you’re not sure how to go about it, contact L7 Advertising to help you launch a powerful advertising strategy that will boost your organic reach.

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