Medical Spa Advertising: The Rise of Relaxation Through Technology

Medical Spa Industry - Key Insights

The U.S. Medical Spa industry has experienced double digit growth every year since 2010. In 2018 the American Med Spa Association predicted an 8% annual growth trajectory through 2022. Medical Spas provide all of the traditional benefits of day spas with the added advantage of in-house, trained medical experts who offer additional skin care solutions that create an entirely new experience for their customers.

L7 understands this rapidly growing market and is striving to support those in the Medical Spa industry create superior growth through the benefit of our industry knowledge and marketing expertise, through our medical spa advertising services.

Here are some exciting trends and key insights about the Medical Spa industry that L7 has identified:

The global Medical Spa industry is projected to be valued at over $26 billion by 2025. (Sajeev, 2018)

In this day and age, customers are seeking additional services that traditional day spas do not offer. Although Medical Spas are growing quickly as a result of this growing demand, they still remain in the niche market. L7 has proven experience elevating small businesses to new and bigger markets through our proprietary method of customer engagement that delivers exceptional digital experiences that build customer relationships and long-term brand loyalty.

Massage and bodywork treatments comprise of more than half of revenue for Day Spas but less than a quarter of revenue for Medical Spas (Ibis, 2018)

Customers seek Medical Spas for modern skin care solutions but continue to return to traditional day spas for relaxation treatments. Here at L7, we know the myriad of services that Medical Spas provide and are able to effectively market them to customers. Why should customers visit two spas when they can merely go to one? Let our experts guide you through important decisions in Brand Architecture, Brand Blueprints, & Brand Plans that will drive home the point why your spa is a one-stop-shop.

70% of Medical Spa visits come from repeat customers (AmSpa, 2018)

Medical Spa customers seek their services frequently and consistently. L7 has recognized this eye-opening opportunity and has a successful track record of re-marketing campaigns that will elevate your customer retention rates even higher than the industry average. Analytics, email campaigns, and relationship marketing tactics are a few of the methods we can help you retain loyal customers and extend their overall lifetime value.

Facial treatments are expected to become the most lucrative service in the Medical Spa industry in the coming years. (Sajeev, 2018)

As the trend for improving self-appearance increases, there is a need to promote services that satisfy the growing demand. L7 prides itself by staying ahead of the curve by identifying and tracking trends. And we can help you do the same. Our capabilities in digital strategy, interactive, advertising, media and data analytics, produce transformational results that allow our clients to achieve leadership positions. Don’t be a niche business in a niche market, be a market leader in a booming industry with our help.

Baby Boomers are most often seeking anti-aging treatments whereas Millennials are searching for preventative options.(Maneval, 2018)

Millennials are the largest growing customer segment in the Medical Spa industry.

L7 knows how to communicate. After all, communication in our name! We also speak Millennial and understand the value of their business. Through various marketing channels such as social media campaigns and mobile advertising we can promote your business to the customers that matter most. As a matter of fact, we prototype and design UI/UX for Websites, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Interfaces, and Digital products that will optimize your customer distribution channels while streamlining the user’s experience. AKA, we know how to develop the stuff Millennials want and use.

Nearly a third of Millennial men would consider an esthetic procedure of some form. (Maneval, 2018)

And speaking of men, they generate less than 20% of all spa business. (Maneval, 2018)

In the Medical Spa industry, men are a distinctly untapped market. We see this as an opportunity that we can help you capitalize upon. L7 has managed multiple campaigns for businesses that target different customer segments which have produced rewarding results for our clients. We create custom campaigns, branded entertainment, brand stories and services such as video production & photography that can be tailored to each of your target markets while also highlighting your brands’ unique personality.

The average Medical Spa generated $945k in revenues in 2016. (AmSpa, 2018)

For over a decade L7 Creative has been applying its proprietary methods to reinvent, grow, and connect brands with their audience. Through the principles of Digital Brand Engagement and our powerful L7 Marketing Machine, we have exceeded our clients’ expectations time and time again. L7 is an award-winning agency that will deliver exceptional bottom line results and transform your Medical Spa from average to extraordinary.

Generate more customers and expand your business opportunities by contacting L7 Advertising today!

By: Lawrence Bader

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