Mobile Video Ads: How to Format them for Every Demographic


The emergence and popularity of social media platforms reinvented the creative wheel of mobile video advertisement. A new population subsection has to be retargeted and accounted for as time progresses, making marketing strategies much more elaborate. However, the continued complexity of these ads has not discouraged marketers from adopting the system. The 4.66 billion active mobile internet user base is too massive of a market to ignore.

What Is Mobile Video Advertising?

Mobile video advertisements are videos spanning about 15-30 seconds or less that are run strictly on mobile platforms. They are displayed before, during or after the content the user is watching on a mobile website or application.

The unique positioning of video ads has earned it a spot as one of the most efficient forms of marketing, with up to 70% view ability. No wonder Mark Zuckerberg predicted that mobile ads would be the future of advertising and digital marketing.
While views are one of the essential statistics for gauging the impressions and reach for a video, you must note that the goal of an advertisement varies across marketers — it could be awareness or sales. A marketer’s objective determines the type of video ad that is run, its placement, style and format.

How to Format Mobile Video Ads for Better Performance

Marketing objectives determine the route and medium on which advertisements will be deployed. It all comes down to which touch point of the “funnel” you want your ad to reach your audience. For example, should you be running an ad at the “TOTF” aka the “top-of-the-funnel” your ad’s goal is strictly awareness and should have some level of sensation. Should the goal of your ad be a strategy lower down the funnel, your creative should be much more direct, target the user’s pain point and strongly drive the action of a conversion. Let’s take a deeper dive into how you can make the most of mobile advertising.

Be Informative and Benefit-Oriented

There are several ways your video can underperform if you focus on features and the technical aspects of your services because that’s what most of the competition is doing. Instead, amplify the benefits of your products and inform the audience of how it would make their lives so much easier. Your audience loves a little attention; make them part of your storytelling. If you do this, there are higher chances of striking their soft spots and making them your promoters.

Make Your Videos Shorter

You must take your behavior into account when creating video ads. Do you like it when someone takes too long to pass a message? Or would you prefer to be delayed until you lose interest in the content you were watching? If your answers to these questions are “no,” then most likely your audience wouldn’t like it, either.

Studies have shown that the longer an ad, the less appreciable it becomes. Around 93% of mobile users complete a five-second video. This statistic decreases for every five seconds of additional content, resulting in less revenue. Creating shorter videos is not the shortcut to selling faster, though. Sometimes, the length of the ad may be too short for the intended decision makers. Do not sacrifice the core benefits of your ad for shorter videos. Allow yourself to be selective and strategic in the videos you do choose to cut short or make a bit longer.

Utilize Vertical Video Formats

Vertical videos usually cover about 75% of a phone’s screen in portrait mode, making it more engaging to create videos in this format as users usually hold their phones in portrait mode. It offers more digital real estate for marketers to creatively deliver their message. You should also pay attention to the eyes’ resting position when consuming content. Do not place key elements of your ad — like your brand’s identity — in the top 10% and lower 25% of the mobile device for optimum interactivity for users.

Target Audience Using Demographics

Advertising on social media has made tracking audience behavior more straightforward. You can create ideal customer profiles based on age, gender, household income and collective interests. For example, the perfect customer for your product is a male Gen Z interested in basketball. Your mobile ad could play between reels of basketball playoff highlights on Instagram in this scenario.
Marketers have also been able to reach old customers through first-party data. Retargeting your past clients requires less work and financing but has a higher probability of being more effective because trust has been established before the new ad campaign.

4 Reasons Why You Should Adopt Mobile Video Advertising

Geographical restrictions and the non-uniformity of licenses, laws and algorithms — all of which can be adapted — have been significant issues for mobile users. Still, the benefits of mobile video advertising outweigh restriction costs. Here are four reasons you should adopt mobile video advertising.

  1. Your Target Audience is Likelier to Pass the Message

Mobile internet applications thrive on convenience, where users of these platforms can share their favorite ads in a blink. As the goal of mobile ads begins with impressions, the sharing action increases organic reach. It contributes to the data of what the audience likes, making it possible for marketers to launch effective campaigns.

  1. Great Feedback Channel for Prospects and Customers

Digital marketing has made it possible for businesses and organizations to interact with repeat customers and prospects. Rather than rely on a hunch or multiple testing phases to gauge users’ reactions, you can now instantly hear how they feel about your product and services. This makes it more cost-effective and timely.

  1. Mobile Video Viewers Will Most Likely Finish the Ad

People are more likely to watch an ad on a mobile device than on other mediums. Moreso, because they are only half a minute long, the videos do not affect the positive experience and ratings. You must understand that going beyond the “agreed upon” duration will set off a whole chain of negative experiences.

  1. More Sophisticated and Better Retargeting Strategies

Mobile ads enable digital marketers to reach anyone and everyone by targeting specific demographics — so long as they have a mobile phone. The preciseness of digital marketing campaigns is better than you’d find in the traditional media because of the location-sensing capability of most smartphones. Thanks to the quickness and lowered cost of reaching your target audience, your ad is relevant to as many of the target audiences as you can reach.

Contact L7 Advertising for Improved Mobile Video Ad Performance

A mobile video ad that converts includes intentional messaging, a straightforward call-to-action, the ideal customer profile target and must be of the right length. Because of the many factors involved, entrepreneurs and small business owners have struggled to make the right impact using mobile ads. L7 Advertising is the longest-standing marketing agency in San Diego and is dedicated to helping small businesses maximize their budget and achieve tremendous results. Call us at (760) 237-0810 or message us to turn your business around.

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