Reasons Why Advertising on Facebook Pays Off Big Time

Facebook Ads

And Our Case Studies to Prove It

From humble bragging and “Vaguebooking” to rampant food photos and inane quizzes, Facebook has given us a lot of reasons to feel somewhat “meh” about it on a personal level. However, if you own your own business and are not using Facebook Ads, you’re not only missing the boat…you’re missing the entire ocean. There are plenty of reasons why you should be advertising on Facebook, and we’ve shared the most important ones below…along with some case studies in which we were able to majorly boost our clients’ ROIs using Facebook Ads. 

The Proof is in the Facebook Ads Profit Pudding

You know why you should use Facebook Ads? They work! It’s that simple. In fact, a recent survey noted that 96 percent of social media marketers find Facebook to be the number one social media platform for solid ROIs for both B2B and B2C companies.  

Your People Are On Facebook, So Reach Them

With 1.49 billion members worldwide and 22 billion ad clicks per year, Facebook Ads is a sheer numbers game. Your audience is surely on Facebook and, with the right targeting, you will find them. A well crafted, optimized Facebook Ads campaign will extend your reach so much further than without these ads.

Check out our case study for Cortez Real Estate Group. This client came to us with the issue of millennials showing up at open houses, eager and willing but having no idea how the process worked. The Cortez Real Estate Group wanted to reach these people through Facebook Ads to help them get pre-qualified and convert them from casual observer to client and homeowner. Our team developed campaigns that successfully generated and deliver pre-qualified leads straight to their inbox, resulting in a huge increase in link clicks…873% to be exact! Our team also extended their Facebook reach by 66%, decreased the Facebook cost per link by 40%, and increased their Facebook click-through rates (CTRs) by 232%. 

Ultra-Precise Targeting is Facebook’s Jam

When you’ve found success in advertising, you stick with what works. And what’s great about Facebook Ads is that once you’ve homed in on an audience that converts, you can create a “lookalike audience”. This means you’ve taken your custom audience and cloned them to attract a similar audience and one that is also likely to have an interest in your business. You can even further narrow this set with more targeting. Being able to target with such precision translates into more conversions and, of course, increased revenue.

Facebook Cost: The Price is Right

Bob Barker would surely agree. LinkedIn Ads are also quite effective but are known to be pretty pricey. In comparison, Facebook is quite affordable and lets you set a budget with which you’re comfortable. If there is one factor that makes Facebook Ads an absolute no-brainer, it’s the reasonable cost in comparison to what you’ll get in return. 

Facebook Targeting is Terrific for Lead Generation

Between the different ad types and the ability to drill down to the target population based on interests, locations, demographics, behaviors, languages, connections, and age ranges, Facebook Ads narrow down your customer base while eliminating those who are not in your market. 

Check out our case study for L7 Advertising client Luxury Bath Pacific Coast. We created a landing page for them, sending the leads from Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns to this page. The landing page highlighted their quick and reasonably priced services. The engaging description and compelling CTA led to a 140% increase in Facebook leads and a 90% decrease in cost per Facebook lead.  

And Then You Re-Target

Facebook Ads targeting is top notch so, if you don’t convert the customer right away, why not try again? This feature allows you to reach motivated users who have already used your mobile app, gave you their email addresses, or visited your website. Yeah, it can be a pretty creepy when it happens to you but it works. It’s simply reminding someone who is already familiar with your business that you’re ready when they are. You can re-market on Facebook using custom audiences, pushing those clients who have already shown interest in your products or services further down the sales funnel.

You Can Get These Facebook Leads to Convert

Sure, there are a gazillion people on Facebook but that doesn’t mean they will look at your ad and automatically convert…but the potential is always there. That’s why you have to create optimized ads that include things like social proof, incentives, and a clear call to action. Make sure your ad takes the person where you want them to land, and makes the action for him or her to take once there very clear. And as previously mentioned, creating custom audiences also significantly increases the chances for conversion.

Check out our Wedgewood Weddings case study in which our digital marketing specialists not only improved relevance scores and ad placements, but they also increased Facebook conversions by 190% and decreased Facebook cost per link by 25%. 

You’re in Control

Other PPC programs don’t allow for quite as much flexibility. With Facebook Ads, you can even shun the traditional pay-per-click model in favor of pay per action, pay per impression, and pay per like depending on your campaign goals. And while you can send users to your website, other calls to action include: Book Now, Contact Us, Apply Now, Learn More, Download, and Sign Up.

There’s no need for vaguebooking when hashing out all the reasons to advertise on Facebook. The research has already shown us that Facebook Ads have a successful track record but to be able to apply it to our clients’ campaigns and see it pay dividends is truly gratifying. Wondering how we can use this platform to increase your revenue? Contact us today to find out. In the meantime, take a look at some of our other case studies to see how our digital marketing specialists have helped launch successful campaigns for our clients.

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