Getting the phones ringing with Google Ads and Yelp

TLC Plumbing came to L7 Advertising to generate leads in the highly competitive plumbing industry.


Increase in Phone Calls


Increase in Google Ads Conversion Rate


Increase in Clicks on Yelp

TLC Plumbing

L7 Advertising’s audit uncovered new opportunities with their Square Method process and my business increased 40% with the same advertising budget. This allowed me to add more service and cover a larger geography.

Founder and Owner



The plumbing company, TLC Plumbing, was struggling to generate residential customers in a highly competitive industry that focuses on local services.



TLC Plumbing needed to get their phones ringing and generate more leads for their plumbing services. With their local and B2C focused business model, L7 Advertising knew that top search engines and local-search services would yield the best results.



Within just a few months, their phone calls and leads skyrocketed. Since L7 Advertising launched their campaigns, TLC Plumbing has experienced a consistent source of leads coming from both Google Ads and Yelp.

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*Google Ads metrics are based on a period of L7 Advertising paid media management from (11/25/2018 - 3/25/2019) compared to the previous period. Yelp metrics are based on a period of L7 Advertising paid media management from (10/1/18 - 3/1/19) compared to the previous year.

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