Advertising strategy to ensure a steady stream of leads

With the cost of weddings skyrocketing, Wedgewood Weddings saw an opportunity to expand their unique ValSerVenience® model and called on L7 Advertising to deliver new leads for their venues.


Increase in Facebook Conversions


Increase in Google Ads Conversion Rate


Decrease in Google Cost per Conversion

Wedgewood Weddings Google Display Ads


Wedgewood Weddings needed assistance from L7 Advertising to implement campaigns to drive a steady pool of monthly leads that would convert to scheduled appointments at one of their 30+ wedding venues.



Our primary goals were to improve the effectiveness of their ads and increase the conversion rate of website visitors. To do so, we focused on increasing CTRs, quality scores, and conversion rates.



Our team started by optimizing the messaging for their target market to improve relevance scores and ad placement. We implemented unique landing pages for each paid search campaign/medium to ensure we could more accurately track conversions. We also put an effective bid strategy into place so that we established the proper budgets for target keywords.

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*Google Metrics are based on a period of L7 Creative Facebook paid media management from 5/1/21 - 8/1/21 compared to the previous period. Marketing ROAs based on August 2021, compared to the previous month.

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