Bing Ads Management

Meet and exceed goals with this powerful PPC campaign

As with Google Ads, Bing Ads operate on a pay-per-click (PPC) platform so that advertisers pay when users click on their ads. In turn, this drives users to your website and increases both your search visibility and brand awareness. There are content ads and product ads, the latter of which is great for retailers and e-commerce sites because they display your product with images, prices, text, and more. The Bing PPC ads not only get displayed within Bing’s search results but also on Bing’s Yahoo! and Microsoft Network Partners. With approximately 9.6 billion searches logged per month on Bing, placing ads here simply makes good sense. And because fewer people are advertising on Bing, you’ll pay less while still generating an impressive amount of leads for your business through Bing PPC ads.

Specific Services We Offer

  • Industry/Competition Research
  • Keyword Discovery and Selection
  • Campaign Management, Strategy and Maintenance (or Improvement on Current Site)
  • Ad Text Creation and Submission
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Call Tracking
  • Copywriting for New Campaigns
  • Bid and Budget Optimizations
  • Geo-targeting Strategy
  • Ad Optimizations, Monitoring & A/B Testing

Account Insights

Benchmarking and goal-setting by review of account (keywords, competition, audiences)

Landscape Assessment

Review of competition and target audience

Creative Strategy

Messaging, Offers and Asset Creation

Campaign Development

Setting up audiences/targeting, campaigns, ad groups, ads, bids, targeting, experiments


Setting up mechanics for tracking conversions and attribution


Proactive review and optimization of your campaigns, making sure you are continually achieving and exceeding your goals

How We Work

L7’s PPC specialists help you create these ads, set your ad budget, choose strategic keywords, decide upon a maximum bid-per-click amount, and optimize the ad campaign. We teach you the importance of the sales funnel, the lead-to-sale ratio, and the visit-to-lead ratio. We use our proven methods to help you decide whether to target customers based on their devices, geolocation, or demographics. Our Bing Ads experts understand that not all leads are created equal, so we use this specific targeting to get you more qualified leads.

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