Facebook/Instagram Ads Management

Leverage the powerful connection of these social media sites

Facebook has over 2.32 billion monthly active users and the average user spends 50 minutes or more per day on Facebook. If you can introduce us to a person that hasn’t lost minutes if not hours on Facebook and Instagram, we’ll show you a unicorn. Not to mention, Facebook ads also account for 18.4 % of global spending for digital ads. This is why advertising on these mediums is a no-brainer.

Facebook & Instagram advertising offers the most precise audience targeting capabilities across the internet. With precise targeting and the large audience available, the combination allows for our clients to often times see the biggest return on investment on this channel (or platform). You’ll generate higher Facebook engagement through organic and boosted posts, drive conversions, collect new customer data, increase referral traffic to your website, and ultimately gain brand loyalty.

Whether your business is local or global, you can and will find your customers here.

Specific Services We Offer

  • Campaign Management, Strategy and Maintenance
  • Custom Designed Ad Creative
  • Data Analysis and Tracking
  • Personalized Reporting Dashboard
  • Custom Landing Page Creation Including Design & Development
  • Copywriting for New Campaigns
  • Bid and Budget Optimizations
  • Geo-targeting Strategy
  • Ad Optimizations, Monitoring & A/B Testing

Account Insights

Benchmarking and goal-setting by review of account (competition and target audiences)

Landscape Assessment

Review of competition and target audience

Creative Strategy

Messaging, Offers and Ad Design

Campaign Development

Setting up audiences/targeting, campaigns, ads, bids, targeting, experiments


Setting up mechanics for tracking conversions and attribution so you know where your money is going and the results it is producing


Proactive review and optimization of your campaigns, making sure you are continually achieving your goals

How We Work

Facebook has multiple campaign types to help your business grow. This, mixed with the visual nature of Facebook and the precise audience targeting, makes testing and ongoing optimizations an integral piece of the management process. Our team is seasoned in all of these aspects and our in-house team provides everything you should expect with professional agency management. We’ll help you analyze your competition, use our research results to create compelling campaigns, track said campaigns, and monitor engagement and interactions. In other words, we’ll be your eyes and ears on Facebook and Instagram.

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