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With over a billion monthly active users, Facebook is an undisputed social media juggernaut. Using it for advertising, however, can be complex (read: frustrating) to the average person due to its ever-changing algorithms. When targeting, Facebook allows you to drill down by location, age, job titles, interests, and income levels, but what good does that do if these ads are never seen? You can try to permeate Mark Zuckerberg’s social circle, but we’ve got an easier way. And trust us – it’s not about boosting posts.


The key to driving user engagement on Facebook is compelling copy, alluring imagery, and consistent testing of what’s working and what isn’t. Not only do our L7 Advertising digital marketing experts know how to run and optimize campaigns in the face of Facebook algorithms, but they will also continue to make adjustments until you get the results you want to see. We know that your marketing budget isn’t limitless, so we work with what you’ve got to use this influential network to achieve conversions. In other words, we do US so you can do YOU.

Facebook Ad Placement

Facebook ad types

Why Facebook Ads

Naysayers will tell you that you should only place ads lower on the sales funnel when a purchase is imminent, but L7 Advertising will you help you target the perfect demographic. You’ll find that you’ll get a more significant ROI with Facebook ads than other marketing tactics higher up in the sales funnel, as you’ll be reaching people who previously had never even heard of your company and/or product.

Together, We Target

While you can leave the heavy targeting lifting to us, there are things your business can do to ensure success. You can either upload or provide us a list of leads and/or customer email addresses for us to use to create custom audiences. We can also use your database to create what’s called a “lookalike campaign” to target users that share characteristics with the ones already in your database. Facebook already allows for well defined targeting but by working together to create custom audiences, we home in on those primed for conversion.

Facebook Ad Optmization

Optimization For the Win

You’d be shocked by how many business owners admit to not even knowing whether their ad campaigns are providing real dividends. Our continuous testing and tweaking ensures your campaigns are set up for continued success. We also know that a campaign that consists of both promoted content and ads generally yields the best results. Getting the traffic to your site is half the battle, but our optimization ensures clicks become conversions.

L7 Advertising helped me generate leads in a very niche market for home loans. They nailed down my targeting to get me leads that were prequalified with my program. I had never been so busy following up with prospects and it hasn’t stopped since. The advertising they have done for me is invaluable to my business.


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Account Insights

Benchmarking and goal-setting by review of account (competition and target audiences)

Landscape Assessment

Review of competition and target audience

Creative Strategy

Messaging, Offers and Ad Design

Campaign Development

Setting up audiences/targeting, campaigns, ads, bids, targeting, experiments


Setting up mechanics for tracking conversions and attribution so you know where your money is going and the results it is producing


Proactive review and optimization of your campaigns, making sure you are continually achieving your goals

How We Work

Facebook has multiple campaign types to help your business grow. This, mixed with the visual nature of Facebook and the precise audience targeting, makes testing and ongoing optimizations an integral piece of the management process. Our team is seasoned in all of these aspects and our in-house team provides everything you should expect with professional agency management. We’ll help you analyze your competition, use our research results to create compelling campaigns, track said campaigns, and monitor engagement and interactions. In other words, we’ll be your eyes and ears on Facebook and Instagram.