Marketing Automation Is The Key To CLV

When it comes to CLV, we build full funnel lead gen ecosystems that produce a steady stream of customers…and we keep them coming back for more. Our lead funnel has tons of technology and automation. We include onsite analytics like heat mapping, call tracking, and more. We can incorporate a landing page strategy, live chat, a dose of lead nurturing by way of reviews and emails and what you get is the L7 Advertising proprietary process to fill your funnel – all controlled by a super slick CRM. What makes it all run? You guessed it. Email Marketing automation.

Simply put, marketing automation entails using software to automate things like ad campaigns, social media posts, and email marketing. And while this might sound impersonal, it’s not if done right. In fact, marketing automation allows for more personalization, as we are able to communicate with potential clients at just the right points in the funnel. On top of the time it saves and efficiency it provides, marketing automation is the currency that pays off month-over-month in revenue.

There are many facets of marketing automation that continue to help our clients’ campaigns go off without a hitch.

Lead Scoring

Lead Scoring

Bid adieu to lukewarm leads. Instead, get your sales team laser focused on leads that are based on engagement. Scores will increase or decrease based on form fills, page visits, content downloads, and target demographic characteristics. Scores can be decreased by setting a timed “decay rate” and the hot leads will be nurtured until they are ready to be sold.

Leverage the Power of Personas

Gone are the hours and hours of meetings spent on creating buyer personas for targeting purposes. You can build out your buyer personas using a convenient and customizable template. These personas help you to create email and landing page content that actually resonates with your unique end-user. It’s this personalized content that leads to conversions.

Automated Emails

Email Marketing

Automated emails might sound impersonal but, because you’ll have the end-user data thanks to lead generation, the emails will actually be personalized. Not only that, but they will reach the person at just the right point in the sales funnel, as they will be strategically “dripped” during your email campaigns. You can even load images, phrases, and offers using an intuitive interface – all based on the information we’ve gathered on your contacts. The end result are emails that convert to sales.


If you use more traditional marketing tactics, such as print and trade shows, you can still attribute leads to the proper campaign. Like just about everything else, there’s an app for that, and it uses behavioral-tracking to only appear for leads that aren’t automatically tracked using web-based tracking.

Attribution example
Dynamic Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Dynamic content is the name of the game in today’s marketing, and it’s incredibly easy to program whatever information you need to cater to a specific audience. Ready to take the lead and go beyond basic landing pages? We’ll create a series of dynamic landing pages that are linked to funnel prospects to transform those into leads.

SMS Follow Ups

If you think texting is life on a personal level, wait until you see what can be done for your automation. From creating duplicates of frequently sent messages and segmenting audiences to data collection and MMS Marketing of promotions and coupons, etc., the possibilities are endless. Replying is automated, so you’ll get back to prospects in no time flat.

SMS notifications
CRM Integration

Content Management

Already have a CRM? It can be seamlessly integrated in order to sync leads, opportunities, activities, custom fields, lead scores, and much more.

Create a Seamless Customer Journey with Marketing Automation

Automate your marketing efforts to increase efficiency for your sales team and improve the conversion rate of your leads. Learn more about our marketing automation process. Talk with a marketing specialist.