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Talk of SEO – or search engine optimization – seems to ebb and flow but its value to a business never waivers. In fact, when it comes to growing a business’s online presence, it’s invaluable. In the most basic of terms, SEO is the rankings given to a company when an online search is conducted. It goes without saying that everyone wants the highest ranking possible, as consumers are busy and like low hanging fruit. In fact, the number one Google ranking gets 33% of the business. If that isn’t a “drop the mic” statement, we don’t know what is.


When SEO first came into existence, most of the discussion was around target keywords. Although long-tail keywords and head keywords are still a part of SEO, Google’s semantic evolution has made this less of a crucial part of the process. In order to be successful in SEO, the focus should be less on keywords and more optimizing page titles, building original content, getting inbound links, establishing domain and page authority, bread crumb navigation, real-time analytics, and more.

Specific Services We Offer

  • Website Analysis
  • Design Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Google My Business Listings
  • PageSpeed Insight Analysis
  • Meta Tag and Description Optimization
  • Page Title Tag Optimization
  • XML Sitemap creation
  • Website Content Optimization

How We Work

L7 Advertising will assign you a team of SEO specialists who divide the process into phases. The first is SEO Research & Analysis, which begins with our assessment of your current SEO-friendliness. A few common errors that are typically discovered right away are the number of pages listed being different than the actual number of website pages, inaccurate page titles, URLs that are filled with nonsensical random numbers and symbols, and more. We’ll give you a detailed report that offers you an overarching view of your current SEO health in comparison to your competitors.


Phase Two uses the findings in the analysis phase in order to optimize various aspects of the website – such as title descriptions, sitemaps, tags etc. – based on the chosen keywords. Google’s guidelines are extremely strict and ever-changing, and we stay on top of them so you don’t have to. The optimization process is done in strict accordance with these rules.

During Phase Three (Off-Page SEO) we focus on improving your web presence, particularly on Google. We perform 100 percent ethical link-building using the highest quality content to allow your website to climb up the rankings and ultimately overtake your competitors on Google.


The fourth phase is Map SEO setup, during which we handle Geo meta tag creation, Google places optimization, NAP listing optimization, Google+ account creation, and your Google My Business listing. Without these, consumers wouldn’t even be able to find your business when conducting searches. Businesses that try and do these on their own often have online inaccuracies which can be devastating to their success.


We end the SEO process with article writing, PDF creations, blog-post writing for the offsite blog, and submissions.

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