Remember when we thought YouTube was a passing phase? Yeah, we don’t either. It seemed destined for success but no one likely could have predicted its current status of reaching 30 million users… per day. It has become the largest online video platform for user-generated content. No matter what your marketing goal is, you’ll benefit from the YouTube Ad’s ability to build awareness and recall, growing consideration and interest, and drive action. To boot, a somewhat recent change to Google Ads has allowed advertisers to reach more viewers on YouTube, particularly across mobile devices. It’s also possible to target viewers based on Google search history in addition to their viewing behaviors, so advertising on YouTube is a must … and we can help with Youtube Ads Management Services

Specific Services We Offer

  • Campaign Management, Strategy and Maintenance
  • Data Analysis and Tracking
  • Personalized Reporting Dashboard
  • Landing Page Strategy, Design & Development
  • Copywriting for New Campaigns
  • Bid and Budget Optimizations
  • Geo-targeting Strategy
  • Ad Optimizations, Monitoring & A/B Testing

Account Insights

Benchmarking and goal-setting by review of account (competition and target audiences)

Landscape Assessment

Review of competition and target audience

Creative Strategy

Messaging, Offers and Asset Creation

Campaign Development

Setting up audiences/targeting, campaigns, ads, bids, targeting, experiments


Setting up mechanics for tracking conversions and attribution


Proactive review and optimization of your campaigns, making sure you are continually achieving and exceeding your goals

How We Work

The number of approaches you can take to advertising on YouTube can seem overwhelming, but we can assist you in coming up with an ad that’s unique and thought-provoking. On top of helping you to set your goals and budget for the campaign, we’ll help seamlessly incorporate your brand, create an ad that’s emotionally engaging, and help you to craft a compelling CTA. The ways that ads can be incorporated into popular videos is constantly changing, and our YouTube specialists are on top of the most innovative techniques to provide a more branded experience.

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