The Inception of L7 Advertising


Paid Media Done Right. From the Beginning.

Who is L7 Advertising?

L7 Advertising is straightforward, reliable, and experienced. We’re backed by L7 Creative, which has 18 years of online marketing ingenuity. You can count on our record of success to deliver better results from your PPC, email and online marketing campaigns. We provide enterprise-level paid media management to small businesses and, we bring you advertising “on the square.”

What sets L7 apart from the competition?

1. Concentrated Paid Media Expertise.

From fundamental digital strategies to the latest tactical techniques; L7 Advertising knows paid media and how to employ it. Our expert team of marketers have proven experience in every essential advertising platform including, but not limited to: Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Yelp, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. And not only do we excel in paid media, but our other key services have been dexterously honed over time as well. Services such as campaign management, data analysis, copywriting, and UI/UX support are a few of many specialized services that are available to our partners.

2. Adaptability is our middle name.

L7 Advertising is not bound by industry nor service. Our extensive experience, in addition to our eagerness to learn about unfamiliar industries, empowers us to partner and grow with every type of business imaginable. For example, our initial clients hail from industries including real estate, construction, stationary services, technology, entrepreneurships, and more! We have the aptitude and proficiency to adapt to our clients’ needs while maintaining an unmatched caliber of consistency and unparalleled efficiency.

3. Success. Across the Board. Right out of the Gate.

A few of our clients took a leap of faith when they first partnered with us during our genesis. Heck, with the results we’ve already produced for them, they’d be happy to take another jump, but this time, backwards, blindfolded, and hands tied behind the back. Why? Because we earned their trust. From day one, we deliver on our promise to yield bottom line results. As a matter of fact, we’ve produced some outcomes so fantastic they’re hard to accept from our client’s competition. Check out our recent testimonials yourself!

4. Legendary Support.

L7 Advertising was formed to specifically partner with small businesses seeking paid media expertise. Advertising is our specialty and our passion. We built our own team from the ground up and chose from the best! Therefore, we consider ourselves pretty good on our own. But, when the right (or wrong) circumstances arises, our partner, L7 Creative, has our back. Whether it’s to provide extra support for a specific project or sharing additional resources for an entire marketing campaign; L7 Advertising has the means to take on any challenge no matter how large, complicated, or daunting it may seem.

5. We’re real people. Solving real problems.

We thought it would be worth mentioning that we’re people too. We’re not an aloof agency of white-collars nor a group of disengaged, coffee-sipping hipsters. We’re blockheads. AKA professionals with advertising and marketing backgrounds that have come together to form an imposing force in the advertising industry. Our team consists of life-long marketers and dedicated interns recruited from some of the best universities in Southern California. We want you to know who we are. And we want to know who you are too. Check out our website and social media to learn more about who L7 is!

How does it all tie together?

In the ever-evolving the digital landscape, each year it’s becoming increasingly harder to differentiate yourself from the competition. Indeed, there are myriads of resources and guides to promote your business yourself… but that doesn’t always translate to guaranteed results. We get it. It’s hard. We know. However, like a blacksmith with a searing forge, or an artist with a tinted brush, or a symphonic conductor with their distinguished baton; L7 Advertising wields the precise tools that will craft the positive results your business needs.

Reach out to L7 Advertising today to find out how we can deliver on the marketing solutions that deliver on your goals.

By: Lawrence Bader

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