Why Social Media Marketing is Vital to Your Law Firm


Connectivity is the Name of the Game

Word-of-mouth marketing no longer holds the weight it used to in most fields, and law is no exception. The use of marketing strategies on social media platforms has increased the consumer base for lawyers 633% since 2012. As a result, 57% of law firms have budgets that are dedicated to digital media and leveraging different social strategies on websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. These marketing strategies allow lawyers to increase consumer recognition and recommendations in all categories within the law industry. (Legal,2018; American,2018)

Here are some interesting statistics about the use of social media platforms that have benefited lawyers:

  • 33% of people who are looking for lawyers to represent them begin their search online. (Ingwersen,2017)

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  • A person only spends 16 minutes on social media platforms when searching for a lawyer. (Ingwersen,2017)

Obtaining new clients is difficult with the internet making it readily available for consumers to search a variety of search engines. Therefore, being active on different social platforms is imperative for attracting clients on various types of mediums. (Mike, 2017)

  • 70% of law firms have generated new cases through digital marketing on different platforms of social media. (Ingwersen,2017)

81% of Lawyers claimed that social media has helped them gain clients by maintaining accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. 90% of the information is constantly updated on LinkedIn, 40% on Facebook, and 26% on Twitter. As a result, 35% of clients have reported that they have retained their services directly through social media platforms. (Black, 2018)

  • 80% of lawyers constantly update and maintain different social media platforms for a variety of reasons. (The Editors, 2017)

As technology advances with each passing minute, clients have an advantage when it comes to finding the most credible and efficient lawyers in the business. 47% of lawyers claim to regularly use Twitter more than other platforms to connect with clients. LinkedIn is the most used platform to network between lawyers. And 34% of lawyers claim Facebook to be the most effective in gaining clients. (The Editors, 2017)

  • Law firms have used social media in many different departments. (Black, 2019)

Social media can be used for multiple reasons within the law industry. According to the annual ABA Legal Technology Survey Report of 2019, 70% of law firms have used social media for career development and networking, 54% have used it to obtain clients, 48% to increase education awareness, and 30% to investigate their cases. (Black, 2019)

  • Video content has gained more recognition in the marketing industry for lawyers and has increased interest in the amount of people searching throughout different platforms by 41%. (Mike, 2017)

Video communication has become the most effective way to reach clients. With video marketing, clients have the advantage to make a near-instantaneous decision based on the pitch. Without experience in video editing, however, video marketing can have the opposite effect. Law firms that publish poor quality marketing videos will create a negative image of themselves in the minds of 62% of users. (Mike, 2017)

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