Keep Your Sales Funnel Full with an Automated CRM


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integrates the touch points in your customer lifecycle with your marketing strategy. If you are doing search marketing, then this integration becomes even more important. When you incorporate targeted and personalized messaging into your marketing efforts, you are keeping your brand top-of-mind and developing customer loyalty. Eventually, this will keep your pipeline continuously flowing and allow you to achieve your profit and sales goals. Done right, marketing automation will ensure your CRM is operating like a well-oiled machine and keeping your funnel full of leads.

What is Marketing Automation?

It might sound counterintuitive, but when marketing automation is done right it should be highly personalized. It should engage your customer at each touchpoint, with unique messaging based on their stage in the pipeline.

What is Marketing Attribution?

Marketing attribution allows you to utilize analytics to objectively evaluate your customer touch points. You can analyze the data you gain from a single campaign or a series of campaigns, then apply that knowledge to future campaigns. At L7 Advertising, we incorporate a mix of website heat mapping, call tracking, personalized landing pages — giving us a complete picture of a user’s journey. This knowledge can be used to optimize your ad spend and conversion rates. You’ll have a better understanding of which channels work and where customers are dropping out of the funnel – allowing you to allocate more budget into the channels that perform.

Marketing Automation – The Right Way

At L7 Advertising, we use automated marketing the right way – giving our clients a steady flow of new leads. Automating your Facebook ads, Google ads, Bing ads, social media posts, marketing emails, and so on ensures you engage with your customers at their trigger points in the customer lifecycle. You can nurture hot leads and say farewell to lukewarm leads. Furthermore, ROI and ROAS improve when you control every aspect of your sales funnel.

And it just gets better when you bring text automation into the mix. SMS follow-ups are pure gold because you’re sending an immediate personalized text message to a customer in the midst of their decision-making process.

The combination of automation and targeted personalization can optimize your search marketing efforts. As a result, your conversion rate will increase.

When you automate your CRM you have complete control over your sales funnel. Why? Because you have the data to access your cost per lead lead, close rate, and average sale.  Contact us to find out how we can help you build a streamlined, effective CRM through automated marketing.

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