Google’s Recent Updates Could Affect Your PPC Campaigns

Google PPC

And Why You Need an Agency to Stay On Top of it

Don’t like what Google is doing? Give it a second. Okay, so it’s not that drastic but the changes made by this media giant do come at a rate that’s fast and furious. And right now, Google has a hotbed of tweaks being made to their ad bidding strategies as well as the Google My Business platform. Let’s take a look at some of their PPC and other changes and how you can best keep up with them while reaching your target demographic (spoiler: Call us!). 

Adios, Single Target Spend Level

If you have previously used the “Maximize Clicks” option as a Google Ads bid strategy, you will no longer be able to specify a target spend across this portfolio’s campaigns. Instead, you will have to set an average daily budget for each individual campaign. What you lose in time, however, you will gain in customization, so it’s not a big loss. 

So Long, Enhanced CPC

When it comes to those looking for results from a PPC campaign, simpler is better, which is why Google has gotten complaints from some about the need for a less complicated process for bid strategies. Enhanced CPC is a semi-automated bid strategy that adjusts your manual CPC bids if it deems the clicks are likely going to lead to conversions. In other words, once your keyword has been triggered by someone who is likely to convert, Google will raise the bid to give you a better chance of getting that conversion. While it’s not complicated, per se, it wasn’t being used often enough for Google to justify keeping it around.

Oh, Hello, Monthly Campaign Budgets

Until recently, you’ve only had the option to give Google Ads an average daily budget for your campaign and if you wanted to base this on your monthly budget, you had to do the calculations yourself. “Oh nooos, not the Math!” the masses decried. Just kidding – no idea why this change only recently came about but you can now set a monthly budget for your campaign. Although Google generally doesn’t let us in on why they make these tweaks, many have posited that it’s likely so advertisers can avoid the confusion they experience when seeing their daily spend rise and fall. 

Google My Business Allows for Greater Branding Opportunities 

Having an accurate and complete Google My Business profile has always been crucial for SEO and to help clients find your biz, but it’s only under these recent changes that companies can really use this marketing tool for branding. A new suite of features within this tool allows companies to add a company logo to their profile, a cover photo to allow for fantastic first impressions, and photo carousels (captions coming soon). This is just one more opportunity for online users to get to know your business and hopefully convert from web surfer to client. 

Sure, you can handle your own PPC campaigns but an agency like L7 Advertising stays abreast of this ever-changing landscape so you don’t have to. Let us do us so you can do you – contact us today. 


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