How To Set Up Retargeting Through Google Ads

To set up retargeting through Google Analytics open your Google Analytics account and look for the admin gear at the bottom left.

retargeting google analytics admin

Make sure you have the correct property selected if you have multiple properties.  If you only mange one site, it will most likely auto-populate.  Look in the middle column for the link called “Audience Definitions”.

google retargeting audience definitions admin

Next click the “Audiences” link and you’ll go to the audiences screen to create your first audience for retargeting.

retargeting create your audience

The next step to adding a retargeting audience in Google Analytics, is selecting where you will use your audience.  You should already have a Google Ads account by this step, and select to share your retargeting audience to your Google Ads account.

retargeting audience add destination to google ads

Click the enable button, and you are finished setting up your first retargeting list for use in Google Ads.

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