Social Media Strategy Checklist To Grow Organic Engagement


It’s no secret that Facebook and Instagram algorithms have been pushing paid advertisements over user-generated content. The new algorithm will boost content that receives the most organic engagement. If your brand isn’t seeing as many likes, comments, and shares as it used to, then it’s time to update your social media advertising strategy. You may wonder if social media is required for your business’ success, and we’re here to help broaden your reach. Here are our top four tips for building social media ad campaigns that increase organic engagement.

Choose the Right Ad Format

Depending on your goals, there are a variety of different ad formats to choose from.

  1. Static images are simply a photo, typically accompanied by a caption that goes into more detail about what’s being included in the photo.
  2. Video ads tend to get the highest engagement rates because they naturally pause a user as they are scrolling through their feed.
  3. A carousel or collection is the ideal choice for showcasing a range of products or different angles of the same product.
  4. Instagram Stories are also highly popular because they are built into the user’s feeds so they do not feel disruptive.

Organic Means Full Transparency

Organic posts shouldn’t overtly feel like an ad. The goal of each post is to advertise your business by showcasing more genuine aspects of your business. Business culture, employee shoutouts, team bonding events, and other community-based posts serve as free advertisement for your brand. Your audience and user engagement will increase, which will positively affect engagement for your paid advertisements. When you track conversions, you’ll have an idea if your ad campaign is reaching your new customers. On the other hand, you may change strategy and try remarketing to the users who previously engaged with you.

Include a CTA

The average user spends less than a second on your post. Alongside a dynamic image, ad copy should be informative but concise. You want to hook your reader’s attention with a dynamic image that entices them to read your copy. If it’s short, they’ll be more likely to take the few seconds to read it. Finish your caption by telling the user exactly what you want them to do next. For a higher CTR, end your post with a trackable link and a CTA like “try our demo”, “shop now”, or “stop in and see us today.” To increase organic engagement, end your post with a question and ask your audience to leave likes and comments under the post. This plays well under the algorithm and will boost your post.

Follow Through

Once you’ve gotten a user to click on your ad, you don’t want to lose them. Lead them to a landing page that is related to the ad they just encountered. If they just watched a 15 second video about your cutting board set, don’t send them to the pots and pans page. They were interested in the cutting board set, so take them directly to that product page. You want to tap into your audience’s social media habits and position your brand to align with their wants and needs.

Work with the Experts

Digital advertising demands a hybrid of paid and organic strategies to increase CTR and conversions. The four tips above will set you up for success. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, check out the online advertising services from L7 Advertising, a social media advertising agency based in Carlsbad. We create engaging ads for Facebook, Instagram, Google and more that will hook your audience and convert into revenue. Contact us today to get started with your business’ success.

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