Using Bing’s Online Advertising Services


Online advertising has taken some serious strides over the past few years. While we’ve grown accustomed to focusing on the digital landscape of advertising, many different strategies and tactics have been used by businesses all over the world. But while you probably already realize the benefits of advertising on Google, did you know that Bing Ads feature many advantages through their online advertising services?

In this post, we’ll dive into 5 tricks on how to effectively use Bing Ads for your advertising efforts online.

Bing Ad Tips

While many people believe that Google dominates the ad space, Bing can also offer great results. Take a look at a few tips on how to use Bing advertising solutions to maximize your reach:

Target Devices

A cool feature with Bing Ads is that you can target your ads to specific devices, such as mobile, desktop, and/or tablet. This is a really interesting tool because you might have a certain audience that primarily uses a certain device. The feature also allows you to target specific operating systems.

Utilize Bing Product Ads

Another tactic is to use the Bing Product Ad feature. This is similar to the shopping section on Google, but Bing’s offering is more sophisticated and direct. When the user enters a search on Bing, the audience will see your products right there on the search engine results page.

Use the Remarketing Tool

Millions of internet users click on a Bing ad, then get distracted and totally forget about it. However, Bing includes a feature that allows you to remarket to these individuals you otherwise may have lost forever. You’ll want to use Bing’s Custom Events feature, which allows you to get very detailed on the exact audience you want to retarget.

Focus on Mobile

As studies reveal that people are more focused on mobile, that means you’ll know where to aim your advertising efforts—and Bing offers online advertising services that make it easy. Bing even has a separate platform that’s specifically aimed at mobile ads, which provides greater control of your mobile advertising management.

Siri Optimization

iPhone users constantly talk to Siri on a daily basis. From where to find gas to how to make a pumpkin pie, Siri is asked millions of questions every single day. Furthermore, Siri is also asked where to find certain products and services. Bing understands this and offers many optimization tools for Siri users. Bing makes it very easy to optimize your ads with voice-based keywords that Siri hears constantly throughout the day.

Bing Ads Management from L7

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