Preemptive Advertising: A Key Strategy for Growth

preemptive advertising examples

When consumers constantly see ad after ad, slogan after slogan, over time, they might start to understand some common patterns. That might lead to the consumer believing that every company follows the same marketing tactics, which makes it extremely hard to reach these consumers. In order to stand out from the pack and get the consumer to take action, you need to offer something unique. That’s where preemptive advertising comes in.

What is Preemptive Advertising?

Preemptive advertising simply involves giving the customer what they desire—but not in the typical way. This advertising strategy involves understanding the needs and intent of your customers, then providing messaging that helps to solve those needs.

Provide a Unique Demand

Advertising efforts work best when they solve a unique demand for the consumer. But these messages work even better when they’re done in a creative way. For example, if you’re looking to try a new high-quality beer, you may have the demand that you want a clean, fresh-tasting beer that’s made with those passionate about the brewing process. If a company advertises to consumers that the beer is used with water that comes from fresh artisan wells thousands of feet underground, that provides the consumer with high-quality information. This happens because that business just filled a demand in the mind of the consumer. Maybe they weren’t focused on exactly where the beer came from or how it was made, but by providing that unique quality of the product, it showed that the company cares about the brewing process and cares about providing top-notch solutions for the consumer.

Gain Ownership in Their Minds

Continuing from the example above, maybe other breweries have the same process. But if you’re the first company to explain that information to the consumer, you now own that place in their minds—and that holds great importance. Once you fill a unique demand for the customer, maybe one they didn’t even know about, you now fill that spot in their brain. Even if another brewery advertises that they get their water from the same source or do another process that’s similar, that demand in their brain is already occupied by your business.

Offer Something Unique

A key to preemptive advertising is to think outside-the-box. Instead of using advertising strategies that are similar to your competitors, think about messaging that no one else has done before. Even if these messages explain something your competitor is also doing, your target audience doesn’t know that. Supply their brains with unique, relevant information that they’ve never heard. This could lead to sales bursting through the roof.

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