What to Know Before Starting a Facebook Ad Campaign


A Facebook ad campaign can pay off well for your marketing strategy, and it’s pretty easy to set up Facebook ads. Working with a digital marketing agency can help you avoid mistakes, but if you choose to go it alone, here are four key points to consider before launching a Facebook ad campaign.

Set Goals, Know Your KPIs

If you don’t know where you’re going, you won’t know when you have arrived at your target destination. Set goals so that you can know when you’ve been successful. You want clear and specific targets so you can know if you’re being successful or not. Setting a goal to “capture more Facebook conversions” is good, and a goal to “capture 1,000 Facebook conversions” is better, but “capture 1,000 Facebook conversions in 90 days” is the best. These specific and measurable numbers are called key performance indicators (KPIs). These metrics make it easy to know if you’ve been successful or not.

Optimize Your Landing Page

Every ad will have a link to a landing page on your website. This page may very well be the only thing a user sees before engaging with your business. It’s important to make sure this page follows cohesively with the ad they’ve just clicked on. If you’ve promised users a free eBook, the page should talk about the eBook and readily provide a link to download or a form to fill out in order to have the book emailed to them. It shouldn’t discuss other topics or make it difficult to get the book.

A/B Testing Results Should Be Significant

Even with comprehensive buyer personas, you still can’t know exactly what will resonate with your users. This is why A/B testing comes in handy. It’s a way to create two similar ads with only a slight variation. You may change up the tone of voice, the color of the button, or the background image. But those small tweaks can mean big differences in user behavior. Whichever ad performs better is the one you should stick with, but you want to make sure it performs significantly better, otherwise it won’t be worth your time or money to promote.

Tools to Analyze the Metrics

The Facebook platform offers a variety of its own reporting metrics to analyze the outcomes in your campaign. This is called the Facebook Ads Manager. It helps you develop and target your ads, as well as measuring the results of your campaign. It’s typically the best first place to start when launching a Facebook ads campaign. You can also track some important numbers inside your Google Analytics account and see how Facebook stacks up to your other traffic channels, but this information will not be as robust as the Facebook Ads Manager.

Work with a Digital Marketing Agency

A Facebook ad campaign is a standard part of any marketing strategy. Learn more about Facebook ads and get in touch with L7 Advertising to see how we can help you get more from this platform.

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