Why You Should Absolutely Use Instagram Advertising Services


Reaching Your Target Audience Has Never Been Easier

One billion.

That is how many people actively use Instagram each month, and about half that number log on to the platform every day.

Still not convinced you should invest time and energy in Instagram advertising services? Well, perhaps this will change your mind…The platform has the largest reach, apart from Facebook and Twitter, and according to Hootsuite, 75% of users take action after viewing a post.

That means, 75% of your target audience is likely to click, download, or visit. Whether you’re a service or product-based business, Instagram is a viable place to promote it.

How Instagram Advertising Works

Social media advertising is quickly becoming a key channel for marketing new products/services, promoting your brand, and driving traffic to your business. While paid search is still a great way to promote and track your CTR, social media advertising provides an optimal balance of advanced targeting options and an enormous audience pool.

What makes Instagram advertising services unique? Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram marketing is visually focused. The platform focuses on photos, videos, collections, or carousels. Instagram ads incorporate visual advertisements that fit seamlessly into a user’s newsfeed, inviting them to interact with your brand.

Types of Ads

Brands use a combination of native ads that appear as a user scrolls through their feed and story ads that pop up as users browse through their stories. According to Instagram, over 500 million users look at Stories each day. Because Stories only appear for 24 hours once posted, they provide a great tool for promoting a last-minute sale.

Call to Action

Every option of Instagram ads offer the incorporation of a call to action to fit your business needs. Common call to actions include:

  • Apply Now
  • Book Now
  • Call Now
  • Download
  • Contact Us
  • Learn More
  • Purchase
  • Get Directions

Different ad types—Stories, video, photo, collection, and carousel—even offer different call to actions that coincide with the goals you are trying to accomplish through your ad.

Cost Per Click

The cost of advertising on Instagram can range widely depending on your target audience, paid reach, and even the time of year you are advertising. While some sources indicate the average cost-per-click is $0.70 to $0.80, your costs could be more or less depending on your goals, budget, and audience.

Advanced User Data

Thanks to Instagram‘s integration with Facebook Ad Manager, finding your target audience has never been easier. Facebook‘s user data helps brands target ads based on region, age, and a variety of other factors. If you are familiar with Facebook ads, Instagram advertising is a natural next step in your marketing plan.

Get the Most out of Your Instagram Marketing Plan

Keeping up with yet another social media advertising platform may not yet be on your list of priorities. Taking advantage of Instagram‘s 1 billion users, however, should absolutely be part of your marketing strategy. Over 80% of Instagram users directly connect with and follow brands and business accounts. Now, more than ever, it is time to add Instagram to your marketing stack.

How can you effectively integrate another social platform into your plan?

Working with marketing experts like the team at L7 Advertising is the fastest way to grow your business through tools like Instagram advertising services. Our team is well versed in effective Instagram advertising strategies and is ready to implement those strategies for your business. Get in touch with L7 Advertising to incorporate Instagram into your marketing funnel.


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