B2B Google Ads Strategies for Top-Performing Campaigns

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One of the hardest parts of any sales and marketing plan is attracting customers. Thankfully, digital PPC ads like Google Ads increase visibility to connect with users around the world. Google Ads strategies share the ultimate goal of scoring a conversion after sharing a message or offer to new users.Google Ads ensures that your PPC campaigns reach your target audience so more qualified leads enter the conversion funnel.

Crafting a Google Ads campaign requires a high level of planning, especially when creating a B2B campaign. The ad copy must speak to industry experts instead of unknowing customers. Additionally, the call to action must be clearly defined in order to yield high returns. Therefore, our four B2B Google Ads strategies helps digital marketers create high-performing campaigns with desired results. 

Focus on Keyword Research

The first step of any digital ad campaign is keyword research. Keywords are the specific terms used when people search on Google. Ultimately, your PPC campaigns should target relevant search inquiries related to your product or service. Keywords make a significant impact on campaign performance, and can boost visibility when selecting the right ones.

So, what keywords do users include in their searches? Are they using abbreviations or spelled out words? Do they want to work with a local company? The best practice for Google Ads strategies is creating a buyer persona. Discover what users value the most and how they choose to search.

Another important aspect of keyword research is picking branded or competitor keywords. Your advertisement should be displayed at the top of the page if a customer is directly searching for your brand. Alternatively, if a customer is searching for a competitor, you can display paid branded advertisement on their search results. 

Using Google Tools to Help Support Keyword Research

Google has a built-in tool to help you research keywords called the Google Keyword Planner. This free tool helps you find keywords, look at the popularity and traffic for each word, see the difficulty for your selected keywords, and much more. 

Negative Keywords

A negative keyword list helps you eliminate related words that are similar to your keyword. However, it’s not used by your target audience. In a B2B campaign, eliminate words commonly used by end users like reviews or testimonials. Of course, negative keywords vary by industry type so do your due diligence in keyword research.

Define and Refine Your Audience

Long sales cycles are normal in B2B sales. On the other hand, B2C sales are instaneous with a shorter customer life cycle. The B2B sales process involves several internal discussions and meetings before a sale is made. Time is money so your target audience needs to be refined for higher ROIs.

Increase the likelihood of qualified leads by narrowing down your audience and being firm with the demographics. In turn, customers who are more likely to convert are at the top of your funnel without further delay in the sales cycle. 

Invest in tools to define your target audience. It’s important to determine who your decision makers are in a business and gain additional insight into your customer pool. Platforms like Zoominfo, Leadinfo, and VisitorTrack can help you understand who your exact audiences are in order to improve your Google Ads strategies. 

Optimize Ad Copy and Landing Pages

After keyword and audience research, the next step is think beyond the initial contact. Ad copy is what transforms leads into actual contacts. Optimize your content to encourage action goals and move further down your marketing and sales funnels. 

Ad Copy Optimization

Ad copy is the first source of information for potential leads. So, it needs to be compelling and concise to encourage your viewers to click the ad. There’s a limited number of characters to craft your message with. Within that message, make sure you’re speaking to the pain points of your viewers and offering a solution. You want to stand out from the crowd and make sure that your ad copy is tailored to your brand’s voice and the customer’s needs. 

Landing Page Optimization 

After a viewer clicks on an ad, they are taken to a landing page. That is where they make the decision to either give their information to your brand or bound away from the page. When you optimize your copy on landing pages, you help not only your SEO strategies but the odds of a potential lead converting to a contact. Try making your offer irresistible, making a clear CTA, and using images and graphics to your advantage. 

Monitor and Manage Google Ads Strategies

In older forms of traditional marketing like billboards and printed advertisements, advertisers had the luxury of “setting and forgetting”. That means that after they created an ad and sent it out, there wasn’t any more editing and optimizing that could be done and they could move on to the next project. Google ads work much differently. 

Digital advertisements on Google and on social media allow marketing and advertisers to continually monitor and update their targeting, demographics, and copy in order to find the best results, even in the middle of a campaign. While this does mean that more work is involved, it provides businesses with amazing opportunities to fix mistakes, learn what is working and what isn’t, and improve the campaign to get the best possible results. 

Continually optimizing and managing your ads allows you to improve your Google Ads strategies as you run campaigns and ensures that you can meet your goals.

Finding a Partner for Successful B2B Google Ads Strategies

B2B Google Ads strategies require you to have more patience and focus than B2C advertising in order to run your campaigns. By taking these strategies into consideration, you can manage, plan, and implement your ads more successfully. However, even with this knowledge, you might still need additional help. That’s where L7 Advertising comes in. 

At L7 Advertising, we believe in helping you achieve your advertising goals and work with your organization to create B2B Google Ads strategies that bring you to the next level. If you are interested in getting world-class branding and marketing for your business, then contact us to launch your powerful strategy today.

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