Top 5 Ways To Optimize Your Instagram To Increase ROI

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There are many kinds of businesses in the world today, each of them with their own intricacies and strategies. If you are reading this, chances are your company doesn’t follow the non-profit business model.  That means you expect some kind of return on any investment you make in services.  That need for returns can get complicated when it comes to selecting a social media advertising company.

Here are a few ways to get the most out of Instagram advertising services.

Start With A Strategy For Digital Marketing

The first mistake many small businesses make is believing that social media advertising can be successful without an overall marketing strategy. The truth is however, you need to first identify the market and message.  You also must decide what you want the ad to achieve. Do you expect direct purchases from the ad or just overall brand awareness?

Select The Right Kind Of Instagram Advertising Services

The days of social media companies offering only one type of ad are over.  Today, Instagram offers a wide selection of advertising types.  Selecting the correct ad type can determine your eventual success. Whether you should create ads in the form of stories, photos, or videos depends heavily on your message.  Make sure you understand the best format before you spend money.

Keep Up With Instagram Algorithm And Changes

Facebook and Instagram‘s algorithm determines who sees your posts or advertisements in their feed. Optimizing your advertising means a proper understanding of how that algorithm works.  Even if you figured it out in the past, understand that it constantly changes. You need to stay current on any changes to always make sure you are reaching your audience.

Make Adjustments Based On Instagram Ad Metrics

Advertising is not a spectator sport.   You can’t expect to run an advertisement and forget about it for a month.  If you want results, make sure you understand how to measure the results of the ad.  If you don’t get the results you want, don’t be afraid to make changes.  One of the advantages of Instagram ad management services is allowing professionals to monitor the ad and provide advice for alterations.

Don’t Forget Remarketing And Customer Retention

Advertising and digital marketing can be great ways to funnel new customers into your company.  However, the most successful marketing efforts are often those aimed at previous customers or others who have interacted with your company in some way. Your interactions with a social media advertising company should be balanced to solicit new customers and return previous contacts.

But this isn’t just about prior customers. People who visit the website but don’t make a purchase should be targeted if possible.  If nothing else, careful analysis of your website visits can tell you where potential customers end the journey.

Professional Instagram Ad Management Services Can Help

Don’t let confusion or strategic complications keep you from making the most of your advertising dollars.  Contact L7 Advertising today to begin your journey toward a better return on your investment.


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