5 Ways To Convert Your Audience’s Social Media Habits Into Revenue

Five Ways To Convert Your Audience's Social Media Habits Into Revenue

In many ways, the growth of social media has become an advertiser’s dream.  Prior to the internet, the audience was almost always passive. They read printed ads, listened to the radio, and watched television commercials. The organization would often wait for days or even weeks before realizing any interactions. Today, online advertising services can create immediate feedback to guide your marketing efforts.

Here are five ways that you can use your audience’s social media habits to increase your customer contacts.

Advertising In Social Media Can Raise Brand Awareness

This is a simple truth.  People who don’t know about your company will not become customers.  Facebook and Instagram have more than a billion registered users and billions of ad clicks each year.  Your potential customers are using social media, so advertising where they spend their time is a great way to build brand awareness.  The more people know about you and your products, the more opportunities to convert them to paying clients.

Personal Stories Can Help You Connect With Customers

Clients don’t buy products, they buy solutions. Most people don’t become customers because of the random details about your products or services.  They have a need and believe that your company can help satisfy that need. That is why it is a great idea to use a social media advertising agency to help you tell personal stories about how your products helped customers.  That way, potential clients can visualize your company helping them achieve their goals as well.

Use Video Ads To Visually Connect On Social Media

Speaking of telling stories to connect with potential customers, video ads are one of the best ways to tell a story. YouTube provides many options for visual representations, from short 5-10 second linear ads to producing full videos to display on a company channel. No matter what kind of video you create, be sure to include calls to action and easy to remember links for more information. That way you can make sure the video converts the audience to customers.

Use Small Business SEO Services To Optimize Customer Searches

One of the advantages of written word ads is that search engines can find them using the keywords. By most estimates, there are millions of searches happening every minute. SEO experts know how to craft social media content so that relevant searches can funnel potential customers to your sales team.

Using Brand Ambassadors To Drive Sales

Another advantage of using a social media advertising agency is the experience related to the use of brand ambassadors. Your potential customers likely frequent the social media pages of internet personalities that spend their time creating a brand. Linking their brand with yours is a great way to discover new customers from among their audience members.

Get A Personal Digital Marketing Team To Help

From online advertising services to small business SEO services your enterprise deserves a dedicated online marketing partner.  Contact L7 Advertising right now to get your journey to greater success underway!


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