Marketer Insight on Facebook Vs. Instagram Advertising

Marketer Insight on Facebook Vs. Instagram Advertising

Comparing social media platforms to advertise on is like comparing apples to oranges. Ultimately, they have characteristics that make them unique from one another. But, we get it. You want to maximize your ad spend on the platform that gives you the highest ROI. You’ll have to make the strategic choice of purchasing ads on Facebook or Instagram. Even if you don’t have a digital advertising agency to guide your decision, here’s some important things to know about the difference between the top social media platforms.

Different Amounts of Control for Ads Management

You expert your ad to perform well and meet KPI targets. The only way to do so is knowing which metrics matter the most for your business goals. Facebook’s Ad Manager offers both Facebook and Instagram ads to monitor your campaigns on both platforms. Marketing novices favor Instagram’s ad management with a simple process to launch a campaign. On the other hand, Facebook’s campaign manager involves a lot more data analysis and specifics about the target audience. If you want to set the ad and check back later, start with Instagram. Once you’re well-versed in your most engaged demographics, transition to Facebook and make the most from your campaign and data metrics.

Social Media Platform Campaign Types

Dynamic images and engaging text drive ad performance. Images and video dominate Instagram feeds and stories. This is beneficial for ecommerce stores who can leverage product photos and video demonstrations on their Instagram. It’s reported that 72% of buyers base their purchase off of what they saw on Instagram. Your product will speak for itself and get more clicks with a concise caption. Alternatively, Facebook shoppers are persuaded by ads with accompanying text. Businesses that sell a service can capitalize and appeal to ethos. Facebook ads manager also offers A/B testing for the same campaign to help you optimize ad performance.

Audience Habits On Facebook vs Instagram

It’s no secret that the two platforms attract different users. Last week’s post had a breakdown of key stats for Facebook and Instagram. Aside from obvious demographic categories – age, sex, location – think about metrics that affect profit. Convert your audience’s social media habits into revenue. Instagram customers are more likely to purchase directly from the ad whereas Facebook customers like to get to know the brand beforehand. Facebook offers many tools to find your buyer demographic who actually complete the conversion.

Online Advertising Campaign Goals

The specific goals of your online advertising campaign determine which platform is best for your money. Instagram’s visual design is unbeatable for growing businesses, especially in ecommerce. Its ad management system ranks high in simplicity and experience. If you’re looking to increase brand image and maintain a prominent presence in your industry, Instagram is the way to go.

Facebook offers many growing opportunities for businesses of any scale. In addition to ads, you can also create a business page including listings for services, contact information, and reviews. Facebook serves as the point of contact where consumers can access specific information about your company/products.

Get Help From Professional Facebook and Instagram Advertising Services

Both platforms have millions of daily active users. Facebook allows a full business page and provides a great place for data-based advertising strategies.  Instagram excels with content-based campaigns. The truth is, no matter which option you choose, professional Facebook and Instagram Ad Services are the key to success. Contact L7 Advertising today to create your next social media campaign.

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