Top Three Reasons To Advertise With Bing

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You know you need to advertise online. Unfortunately, the huge variety of online advertising opportunities can be quite intimidating for those new to the field. You’re not buying ads for fun.  The purpose of spending money is to funnel interested buyers to your website. How can you know which digital marketing platforms will actually create the best return on investment? Here are a few reasons to think about managing your digital marketing strategy through Bing.

Bing Ads Benefits – Plus, it Has A Lower Cost

One of the reasons many people advertise with Google Ads is because of the overwhelming market share.  More people advertise with Google than any other digital marketing platform. However, that does not necessarily translate into value. Since fewer people advertise with Bing, you can often get similar rates of ad exposure for less money. Reducing the cost of your investment is one of the best ways to increase your return on that investment.

Moving To The Bing Ads Platform Is Easy If You Already Use Google

If you already use Google Ads, it is easy to get started with Bing Ads. Bing makes it simple to import your marketing campaign and target audience information. In addition, since the two platforms work in a similar fashion, the Bing learning curve is minimal. That means you can give Bing a try with minimal hassle and actually save money.

Bing Ads Are Proven Effective

What good is saving money in digital marketing if it doesn’t actually create leads and enhance your revenue? Over 9.6 billion searches are conducted each month on Bing. That is billions of opportunities to advertise products where consumers are actively searching. Efficiency is often about finding the path of least resistance. Why waste time and money with cold advertising when you can target ads to people who have already expressed interest?

In addition to the Bing search results, advertising with Bing means leveraging the Microsoft and Yahoo networks. Advertising with interested potential customers on Bing just makes sense.

Understanding Bing Ads vs Google Ads

Although the two platforms are similar, there are a number of differences. Advertising with Bing means you can target certain advertisements to customers using specific devices. If your market research indicates that your customers overwhelmingly use phones to access the internet, why spend money advertising to users on desktop computers? Meet your customers where they live with more efficient targeting.

Bing‘s remarketing tool allows you to recapture the attention of browsers who previously clicked on your ads. Bing also provides resources to help marketers best capture Siri users.

Perfect Your Paid Advertising Strategy

If you are still unclear on whether Bing is the choice for you, why not entrust the professionals? L7 Advertising has a proven history of using digital marketing to create new opportunities for clients. We have the expertise to help you develop a digital marketing plan through Bing Ads and facilitate the transition itself. Contact us today for a free paid advertising review!

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