Having the right advertising strategy can really boost your business, but how can you choose the best advertising channels to reach your target market? Most companies try different advertising methods until they can determine which types of advertising engage their customers successfully. If you’re just getting started or are looking for some fresh ideas to drive new customers to your business, a good rule of thumb is to test out various channels to see which resonate with your target audience. Here are five advertising strategy examples to try out to create a killer campaign:

1. Build a Diverse Mix of Advertising Platforms

It’s important to work with a diverse mix of advertising channels to learn how they work and whether they are viable for your business. Online advertising offers an array of platforms that you can use. If you are brand new to advertising, stick to just two or three channels at first. Once you accumulate data and analytics from those channels, you will be better equipped to branch out and try other platforms. Online channels can be divided into a few groups:

  • PPC channels – These include Google Ads and Bing Ads
  • Social media channels – There are loads of social channels including with Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn to consider
  • Content marketing – This can be your own website or as a guest poster on other websites

After testing your results, you will finalize a vibrant mix of channels that provide you with data and converting customers.

2. Remarketing for the Win

If you sell products or services online, then remarketing is a huge opportunity for you. Remarketing is advertising to people who have already visited your website or online store. A prime example is someone who started to take the steps towards a purchase, but then abandoned their items in the cart. Maybe they got called away, or changed their mind. Remarketing provides a gentle reminder to that visitor to go back to your shop and is a highly successful way of getting sales or retaining current clients.

3. SEO Strategy is Important

Even with all the rapid changes to search technology, SEO remains a crucial tool for driving business. You should investigate new forms of SEO such as voice search or video search as you look to update your current SEO strategy. Local SEO and mobile SEO are two areas that are growing with the complexity of mobile devices. Keyword trackers have grown more sophisticated, and can help you learn more about your best customers.

4. Bring Your Blog or Website into 2020

Websites require continual updates to stay secure and safe for your company and customers. Beyond security updates, you should run a website assessment yearly to ensure you are using the best technology for your website or blog. Having a website is a basic need for any business, and with SEO and content marketing, your content will connect with the right queries. Optimizing user experience on your website will improve your conversion rates.

5. Create Attractive Landing Pages

Landing pages are focused content pages that begin a sales funnel for your company. The best use of landing pages is for simple direct product or service offer that is hyper-targeted. The goal of a landing page is converting a call-to-action to start customers on their journey. Most offer content in return for contact information.

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