Top Four Reasons Your Agency Should Be a Bing Certified Partner

Top Four Reasons Your Agency Should Be a Bing Certified Partner header

These days it seems like everyone has a gimmick. Coffee shops have punch cards and grocery stores have membership benefits.  Sometimes it is difficult to know which of these programs is actually worth pursuing. If you do digital advertising, or use Bing ads services specifically, you should consider applying to become a certified partner. Here are a few of the ways your agency might benefit.

Free Publicity For Your Agency

Successful digital advertising agencies know never to underestimate the power of recognition programs. Bing Partners are listed in a directory and given a badge they can use on websites or social media pages. They may also be eligible for social media mentions or annual awards for Partners. Every bit of publicity helps when you are attempting to convince new customers that you are the best option for their advertising needs.

Training Opportunities

Nothing communicates your expertise in Bing ads management services more than receiving actual training from Microsoft.  Marketing professionals are familiar with the feeling of using instinct to create winning campaigns. However, instinct isn’t always enough. Having first-hand instruction from the company that created the platform is an invaluable experience.

That experience can translate into a sharp ability to convert ad dollars into new customers for your clients. Because these training opportunities are ongoing, Bing Partners will always have the most comprehensive understanding available.

Access To Bing Development/Engineering Teams

Microsoft, like every cutting edge company, is committed to constant growth.  That means they will always be searching for the next Bing PPC advertising tools to maximize client outreach.  If your agency is successful, it is likely you are also currently working to offer your clients the best possible service.  With both Microsoft and your agency evolving, there is always a danger of evolving in opposite ways.

Bing Partners will have opportunities to directly interact with the engineers creating products like Bing PPC management and search engines.  That is your opportunity to ask questions and guide future Bing product development.

Access To Research And Consumer Trends

Anyone can conduct an internet search regarding how to write SEO content or utilize Bing ads management services.  Your clients are not just paying for your current digital marketing expertise. They are also willing to pay your agency because they assume you are familiar with the latest consumer trends.

Certified Bing Partners get access to the latest updates on consumer trends and digital marketing research. That gives you exclusive access to information that you can use to help your clients get results.

Don’t Settle

Don’t settle for good enough. Bing Partners have gone the extra mile and received approval from Microsoft.  There is no better sign that an agency has the information and expertise to create a winning Bing PPC ads campaign. When you are ready for real results, contact us for a free consultation.  L7 Advertising can move your company to the next level of accomplishment.

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