Top Four Trends For Small Business Marketing Strategies In 2020

Top Four Trends For Small Business Marketing Strategies In 2020

If one of your goals includes growing your small business, you need to keep current on the relevant trends in marketing strategies small business tools. Don’t miss an opportunity to grow by using old information. Here are the marketing trends you need to understand today.

Google My Business

Although the platform isn’t new per se, Google My Business has undergone a significant change.  Since 2014, companies have had the opportunity to list a business through the My Business page.  This listing ensures that people finding your page through the search or maps function get correct information about your business. This is an important tool for finding customers that are ready to purchase.

Recent upgrades to the My Business tool allow users to post a logo and cover photo, as well as a revolving portfolio of photos. These changes allow the business to greet web searchers with branding information as part of the Google search and maps page.  That is a powerful way to set your business apart.

Google Ad words

Google Ads has also made changes to its paid search interface and process. The Maximum Clicks function has been removed, so you cannot predetermine your spend targets across all campaigns.  This was replaced with the ability to set daily budgets for individual campaigns.  You are also now able to set monthly budgets as well. These changes can potentially give you additional strategic control over your spending, and create natural opportunities for assessments.

While neither of these announcements is a major change in function, understand that Google is constantly making updates. You can expect 2020 to include even further adjustments to this huge resource for online advertising tools.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Both Facebook and Instagram provide valuable tools to reach social media users.  For years, it was enough to create a page to reach customers and provide ongoing information. However, Facebook has been moving toward using the algorithm to force organizations to lean more heavily on advertisements. That means using these social media platforms effectively will involve greater strategic analysis to avoid wasting money.

Data Analysis Based Marketing Strategies

It seems like online marketing platforms are changing the rules every month. The strategy for having the best search engine results on Google or Bing might have changed since the last time you conducted research. Using social media effectively can get more expensive as platforms focus on generating ad revenue. The bottom line, you need a dedicated focus on outcomes data to succeed in any future strategic marketing campaign.

L7 Advertising Can Help

Finding a great digital marketing agency can be the best way to get guided expertise into the online advertising world. Why struggle through the process alone when you can benefit from the experience of a professional? Contact L7 Advertising to use our personal expertise to help you expand your business.

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